Best Hiking Backpacks For Men That Love Adventure

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Last Updated: November 4, 2021

Can you describe your love for mountains in one word? Peace, Serenity, Calmness all mean the same thing, but that’s what defines nature.

So, if trekking and hiking is your favorite pastime, you need to find the appropriate gear to accompany you. High-quality hiking backpacks allow you to carry them anywhere you want to go and enjoy your thrilling adventures.

Since you will find several backpacking backpacks in the market, a wise choice will help you bring down the weight to make your hike even more exciting.

Now, the time is gone when you have to carry the double-decker hiking backpack. New brands have come up with the latest designs that help keep your spirits high and spine straight throughout your hike.

So, it’s time we begin to help you reach the top of the hills with your perfect hiking companion.

Let’s look at some of the top hiking backpacks the market has on offer.

12 Best Hiking Backpacks for Men Reviewed

1. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack

If you want to live an active lifestyle, the hydration packs provide you with all the support to fulfill your requirements. The backpack is explicitly designed for outdoor use.

It comes with a 2-liter BPA-free bladder and features a thermal insulation. This multi-purpose insulated compartment will help keep the liquid cool for about 4 hours.

Further, you can store snacks, fruits, and lunch boxes for outdoor trips or daily use. The click-in connection and large opening make sure that there is no leakage.

Weighing just 0.8 pounds and 2-liter capacity, it is very lightweight. The main compartment is made with premium quality nylon to ensure that the bag does not come in your way while hiking.

The three compartments can fit various items you need for daily use. The front comes with a stretchy mesh pocket for extra storage. You can keep your phones, purses, keys, and even clothe here.

The adjustable chest and padded shoulder straps will offer a comfortable fit to your body. It is detachable and suitable for both women and men. Also, it is bounce-free while on the trail and doing other activities.

The best part is the bag offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so that you have the option to replace and return if not satisfied.

  • Elastic strap to fasten clothes, towel etc.
  • Thermal insulation
  • 100% leak-proof design
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • 2-liter bladder pack
  • Not an ideal choice for children


2. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 hydration pack is versatile and donned with exceptional features. It comes with a beautiful design with many unique selling points.

The panel-type backpack comes with zippered entrance on the main compartment. You will also find an external water bladder compartment with a Velcro tab to hang the water bladder.

The 2-liter water bladder is elongated and narrow, made with rubberized material. Further, it comes with hose ports on either side. The bladder is complete with a push-lock cushioned bite valve and a kink-free sip tube, making it durable and lightweight.

The multiple compression straps can help you tighten the backpack around you for a comfortable fit. It will also reduce the bounce, making it a great option for backpacking or cycling.

Another unique feature is the integrated rain cover which keeps your things dry even if it rains. It is located at the bottom and tightly sewed to not lose it on your trail.

It includes an air mesh back panel and adjustable chest, shoulder, and waist straps for added comfort. The air mesh will regulate the airflow to the back, and straps will provide a comfortable fit to let you hike without any problems.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Hydration bladder
  • Excellent built with a durable design
  • 2-inch opening for easy cleaning
  • Includes a rain cover
  • No frame or harness adjustment


3. Osprey Atmos Men’s Backpacking Backpack

If you are going on a traditional backpacking trip, the Osprey Atmos AG can become your perfect companion. And if you want something to last, Osprey is a brand that would never disappoint you in terms of durability.

The pack can maintain a balance between comfort and capacity, enabling you to carry it for longer distances. Also, it is made for adventurous outdoor activities along with being water-resistant.

The antigravity suspension will make the bag feel lightweight. Moreover, it continues till the back panel mesh and to the hip belt. This way, it can provide unmatched fit and effective ventilation.

The fit-on-fly hip belt and adjustable harness help to provide a comfortable fit. Apart from that, the dual lower and upper side compression straps will help maintain a streamlined profile while stabilizing loads.

The internal hydration reservoir sleeve can fit about 3 L of liquid. It also comes with zippered hip belt pockets, which let you store smaller items and snacks.

What else? The dual-access stretch mesh side pockets allow you to store your water bottles or similar gears. Also, you can find a removable divider with a sleeping bag compartment.

  • Excellent load transfer
  • Offers great ventilation
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable straps all around
  • Adjustable torso height for a customizable fit
  • Does not come with rain cover


4. Osprey Packs Talon Men’s Hiking Backpack

Just like other backpacks from Osprey, the Talon 22 Men’s hiking backpack is loaded with numerous features to make your outdoor trips more memorable. It is durable, lightweight, and spacious.

Apart from being a workhorse, the backpack is designed beautifully to allow users to take advantage of the hydration compartment. Moreover, it is suitable for an organized hiker who does not want to miss out on any belongings.

The hydration compartment is separate and the water in the bladder it will keep it cool for a long time.

For cyclists or bikers, the bag comes with a dedicated place for a helmet. Moreover, there are several bungee cords that you can use to keep secure accessories. You can also attach a blinker light on the back for nighttime visibility.

There are seven pockets on the outside which give plenty of space to keep smaller items. The main compartment is protected with dual zippers. At the top of the bag, you will also find a small protected stash pocket for storing bottles.

Using the AirScape technology, the backpack is ventilated, and make sure that your back does not sweat on the hot summer days. Plus, the drainage holes at the front make a great place to keep your wet items or sweat-soaked clothes.

The adjustable fit and the padded shoulders offer long-lasting comfort. Whether the bag is empty or fully loaded, it will never jostle out of place or feel heavy.

It is made with premium quality materials, making it extremely durable to handle harsh weather conditions. Also, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you have the peace of mind buying only a tried–and–tested product.

  • Trekking pole and LidLock helmet attachment
  • Zippered hipbelt pockets and harness
  • Separate hydration compartment
  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • The back panel is not quite breathable


5. Loowoko Hiking Backpack

A backpack for hiking should be durable and comfortable to carry wherever you want to go. The Loowoko 50L backpack offers you plenty of storage space to keep as many things as you need on the go.

It comes with a capacity of 50L, making it suitable for weekend trips. The main compartment is quite spacious to fit your equipment, clothing, and gear you would need for a multi-day trip.

If you want to accommodate smaller items such as knives, maps, and compasses, the pack has multiple exterior pockets. Further, the additional compartments and pockets will help you keep your items organized and easy to access.

When it comes to durability, it is made with highly durable ripstop polyester fabric to last through numerous hiking trips. Even if there is a small tear, the material will prevent it from spreading.

Apart from that, the material is waterproof, so it will stop the rainwater from damaging the items inside your bag. Furthermore, the design relieves your shoulders and backpressure and provides efficient back support while carrying a heavy load.

It also comes with an adjustable waist belt. You can customize it around your torso, making it a great fit for different body sizes and heights.

Lastly, it is equipped with eight adjustable straps to attach certain items such as sleeping bag, tripods, mats and other gear to your backpack. Also, it has a rain cover for protection from heavy rain.

  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Padded and wide shoulder straps for back support
  • Eight adjustable straps to attach items
  • 50-liter spacious capacity
  • Includes no frame


6. RUPUMPACK Insulated Hydration Pack

Now, you can enjoy fresh and cool water after exhausting hike at the top of the mountain. The Rupumpack insulated hydration backpack will never let you look for water anywhere else.

It is suitable for day-long trips and expeditions. It comes with an antimicrobial EVA hydration bladder with a clean and filling opening of 3.4 inches. Besides, the hydration sleeve is aluminum-lined, and the hydration tube is insulated with neoprene to use the backpack effectively in varying temperatures.

You will find multiple storage compartments in the bag. The main compartment is has a tablet sleeve to protect your electronic devices from any external damage. There is also a zippered pocket at the front to store smaller items.

The hip straps come with zippered pockets to keep your smartphones. Even the front comes with an open pocket to slip the items inside quickly. In case you want to keep water bottles, the hydration packs have them on both sides.

It is an excellent choice for people who prefer to carry both bottles and bladder.

Thanks to the safety whistle on the chest strap, safety reflectors on the shoulder straps, and adjustable waist and shoulder straps, it is great for everyday usage. It also includes running and night climbing.

Lastly, you can also add ice in the hydration pack through the opening to keep your water cool.

  • Water resistant
  • Safety whistle attached to the chest strap
  • Additional pockets to keep keys and phone
  • Reflectors on shoulder straps for visibility at night
  • FDA-approved Hydration system
  • Waist straps cannot be tucked away in the back panel
  • Difficult to store water bottles in side pockets


7. G4Free 50L Hiking Backpack

Gone are the days when backpacks only come with compartments and adjustable shoulder straps to offer a convenient and comfortable hiking trip. You should now take a look at the advanced and upgraded versions with the G4Free 50L hiking backpack.

It comes with a USB port, so you can easily connect your phone or laptop to charge right away.

The backpack is made with high-quality SBS pull string zippers and waterproof nylon. It promotes its multi-functionality with no deformation but good ventilation. Further, it has a large bearing capacity of 50 liters to store maximum belongings.

The spacious backpack comes with a main deep pocket and a front zippered pocket to keep easily accessible items. Besides, you will find a special zipper pocket to keep your sweaty clothes or even shoes.

You can store your MP3 player or cell phone in the hip belt pockets and umbrella or water bottles in the side pockets.

There is also a compartment where you can put the hydration bladder. It will keep the water cool for a long day.

The shoulder straps are designed to be thick to relieve pain from your shoulders. Apart from that, your back will feel fresh due to the breathable mesh back panel. It will spread out the heat quickly and make it resistant to sweat.

Lastly, it includes a rain cover for protection of belongings inside from rain. The multiple straps and attachments on the exterior to attach sleeping bags, hanging tools, etc., will remain protected with the rain cover too.

  • Breathable mesh back panel and thick shoulder straps
  • Multiple straps and attachments to hang various items
  • Separate compartment for hydration bladder
  • Includes a USB port
  • Hydration bladder not included


8. Granite Gear Crown Backpack

Let’s welcome the ultra-comfortable and ultra-light backpack to fulfill your hiking requirements. It comes with a minimalist design but is packed with all the essential features to let you enjoy your hike to its fullest.

It is a roll-top backpack that includes an optional lid pocket at the top. Further, the back is styled to have multiple pockets to help your keep your belongings safely and securely.

A front stretch mesh pocket and two side pockets allow you to keep your water bottles or other easily accessible items. The hip belt also has two appropriately sized pockets to keep your snacks, hats, gloves, camera, and smartphone.

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The main compartment comes with an internal hydration sleeve and hydration port inside. The top lid keeps floating, which you can raise up and down conveniently to pack your main compartment.

You can also use the top lid to hold the gear together, such as a bear canister. It also has a zippered pocket to store snacks, maps, or even gloves.

The body is made with 100D high-tenacity nylon, and the bottom has 210D high-tenacity nylon. Furthermore, the fabric is treated with water-repellent to make it waterproof.

Apart from that, it comes with an adjustable hip belt length which you can customize as per your fit. Also, the hip belt and shoulder straps are gender-specific. That means the shoulder pads come in S-shape explicitly for women.

  • The lid can be completely removed for a lighter load
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Fully adjustable waist belt
  • Treated with water repellent
  • Padding at hips not all that comfortable
  • Roll-top should have buckles


9. Boulder Pack Co. Foldable Travel & Hiking Backpack

The right gear during challenging times is quite beneficial. It helps you keep all the necessary items that you would need to survive the day. One such bag is Boulder Co. travel & hiking pack.

Weighing just 11.2 pounds, it has about 28 liters of capacity. You can use the comfortable and lightweight back just about anywhere. Also, you can fold it and carry it with you for later use.

The backpack is made with ripstop polyester with water-resistant properties. So, the fabric is treated with water-repellant to protect your bag from mist or light rain.

The chest strap comes with a carabiner and emergency whistle buckle. The carabiner will let you attach your accessories for a comfortable journey ahead.

When it comes to compartments, the main compartment is spacious enough to keep jackets or a tripod. The small front pocket is useful to store small wallets and keys. Plus, the large front pocket is good for storing snacks to eat.

  • Emergency whistle attached to the chest strap
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Numerous pockets
  • Can be easily folded
  • Lightweight
  • Not made to carry heavy loads


10. Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

If you don’t want the heavy and bulky backpacks to take with you on your trips, this one from Sunrise can be your ideal choice.

The small-sized backpack is available at an affordable price, suitable for daily use and short outdoor trips. It is made with highly resistant nylon. Further, it is also water-resistant so that the items in your bag stay safe and dry.

The MatReflective stripe will protect you at night while going around the traffic. Also, the shoulder straps are breathable and adjustable, make them convenient to use in extreme weather conditions.

You will find multiple compartments to keep your belongings. It comes with a bottle holder on either side of the bag. Also, there is a highly durable front buckle and smooth zipper to keep your things safe and secure.

The straps offer equal weight distribution so that there is no excess pressure on your shoulders and arms. Therefore, you can use the bag for longer trips as it features a waterproof and anti-tear build.

  • Multiple compartments to keep your essentials
  • Suitable for all-terrain excursions
  • Insulating mesh and lightweight material
  • No compartment to keep the cell phone


11. Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Are you planning a day trip? You will need some daily essentials like a water bottle, snacks, and other items to carry with you. The Venture Pal backpack is great as a travel daypack suitable for day trips like school events, cycling activities, or hiking.

With this lightweight backpack, you can organize and carry your necessary items comfortably and focus on your adventure.

In addition to being lightweight, the bag is also secure and protected. It comes with appropriately sized compartments to accommodate specific essentials like a towel or water bottle.

Multiple pockets help you keep your possessions organized. The main compartment comes with a zipper for overall protection, two side pockets, and front zipped pockets.

You can keep your clothes in the 35L spacious main compartment. Further, the two separates will help keep the things organized in the main compartment. You can keep umbrellas and water bottles in the side pockets and small, easily accessible items in the front pockets.

The pack comes with enough padding on the shoulder straps to prevent excess pressure on the shoulders. They are also adjustable and breathable. Besides, the chest strap includes a whistle buckle to lock it securely.

You can easily fold it into the zipped inner pocket for convenient handling and storage.

  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Waterproof features to keep things dry
  • Compression and padded straps keep your back comfortable
  • Multiple compartments for easy storage and organization
  • Zippers can catch on the fabric if you are not careful


12. Amazon Basics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

If you are looking for an affordable option, you can choose Amazon Basics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack. The affordability does not compromise the comfort and convenience of the user.

It comes with an extra-large 75 liters capacity to keep plenty of your belongings. Further, there is an extension of 5-liters to store all your adventure essentials. The spacious compartments will help you find your stored items conveniently.

If you are worried that rain might stop you from camping, the non-porous coating on the exterior will ease your worries. Plus, it comes with a waterproof cover and watertight rainfly to protect your belongings from heavy rain.

The adjustable straps are padded to relieve any strain from your shoulders, so your journey remains fully comfortable. Besides, the compression straps are multi-directional to keep all the items secured.

  • Water-resistant rainfly for light rain
  • Waterproof cover included for heavier rain
  • Extremely spacious
  • Shoulder straps can come loose and slip
  • Might not be as comfortable on long treks


Buying Guide

With no one size fits all policy, you should follow a particular guideline while looking for a hiking backpack. The guidelines will help make your search easier. So, if you have decided to go on a trek, start looking for the best hiking pack to store all your essentials.

This buying guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Things to Consider in Hiking Backpacks

Have you read through all the reviews discussed above? If yes, then these factors will help you determine whether you have selected the right one or not.

The Right Size

There are two types of sizes when it comes to hiking packs. It is the size of the bag and your exact physical size.

The size of the bag will tell you about how much weight or items it can carry. Apart from that, the duration or length of your hike also helps you determine the size of the bag. If you are going for a week-long trip, you will require a spacious bag and a smaller bag for a day trip.

Next, you should consider how well does the backpack fit on your body. Size is important because of the general and comfortable fit and also the aesthetics.

When you want to go for a big expedition, then you need a backpack of bigger size and the opposite goes for smaller hikes.

Some brands will also provide you with a size chart. So, make sure that you check the measurement properly to find your right fit.


Each backpack comes with a different frame required for a specific purpose. Some even come without any frames, which can carry about 20-25 pounds of weight. So, if you want an ultra-lightweight trip, you can choose this option.

Next, you have internal frame backpacks, which provide comfort by distributing the weight through the shoulders and hips. Further, it offers sufficient suspension and ventilation.

For hikers who need to carry heavy weights, they should go for external frames.

Sufficient Padding

Padding is important as it helps you understand the comfort level. When the backpack is sufficiently padded, you can determine how much weight you feel on your hips, back, and shoulders.

However, excess padding can result in uncomfortable pressures, which can lead to soreness in the body. So, it will increase the pressure instead of relieving it.

If you happen to buy a backpack with too little padding, you will face load-bearing issues. Moreover, it will not relieve pressure from the body due to the excess weight of the load.

It supports your body weight appropriately when you have a decent backpack with padding on the hip belt strap, back panel, and shoulder straps.

Ventilation System

You won’t prefer to hike during the hot summer weather if your back is dripping with sweat. However, you can avoid this problem by buying a fully ventilated back panel. With such a bag, the sweat and heat are evaporated quickly.

Most of the outdoor gears come with ventilation systems. However, some brands offer an excellent ventilation system than others. Therefore, it is essential to have a fully functional ventilation system for efficient performance and comfort.

Waterproof and Water-resistant

Hiking backpacks are either waterproof or water-resistant. So, you should choose one according to the weather conditions where you are going hiking.

Water-resistant backpacks are made for clear sky and light rain. However, waterproof backpacks are excellent for heavy rain or extreme weather conditions. It comes equipped with waterproof material and taped seam to prevent water from seeping in. So, you get protected from different weather conditions.


The hiking backpack should be made with high-quality and durable material to stand against the test of time. They should be able to pass through rigorous usage.

Lightweight backpacks are made with Dyneema Composite Fabric or nylon. Both the materials are relatively waterproof and lightweight. Also, the DCF is slightly more water-resistant as compared to nylon.

To find high-quality camping backpacks, you should look at the label to find how much D or Denier it is made up of. For example, the waterproof hiking backpacks are made with ripstop polyester and have an incredibly high denier.

Lastly, you should check out the integrity of plastic in the buckles. It can create problems when the buckles break down while breaking. Therefore, metal buckles are highly durable, but they are heavy.


A budget makes an important consideration when it comes to purchasing the best backpacks for hiking.

You will find products in a wide variety of prices. Therefore, you need to know what your budget is to find a suitable product.

Mostly, the expensive ones are durable, reliable, and comfortable. Plus, they are backed with more convenient features. However, you can also find an affordable backpack with exceptional quality and similar features.

For that, you can check the reviews and compare them to understand whether you are getting the best value within your price range.

How to Use Backpacks for Hiking

When you have found your suitable backpack from the above considerations, you should know how to use it effectively. If you pack the bag efficiently, you can carry maximum items than you can imagine.

So, let’s discuss how to pack your backpack in an organized way.

Collect all Your Items or Belongings

First, you should know what items you will be taking with you on a hike. So, if you can arrange all the items in one place, you can select what is important and what is not. This way, it becomes easier for you to plan how you can fit all the items.

Also, you can decide what items you need to place in which compartment. You can also leave out some space to pack something which you remember at the last moment.

Pack From the Bottom

You should think about saving your space. So, try to arrange the items from the bottom of the backpack.

Place the lighter items at the bottom so that there is an even distribution of weight. This way, you will pack the items at the bottom which you will not frequently use, such as clothes, camping equipment, and sleeping pads.

All your necessary items will remain at the top.

Pack the Heavy Items in the Middle

By packing the items in the middle, you will lower the center of gravity, directing the load from the back to the bottom. So, you should place things like a flashlight, food supplies, and a cooking kit in the middle.

By doing so, you will also leave out space to pack some smaller items such as the body of the tent, rainfly, and clothes.

Lastly, pack the supplies you will need, such as compasses, maps, first aid kits, snacks, and jackets. You can also attach extra gear to the loops and straps for efficient space utilization.

The side pockets also make a great storage space for storing bottles and GPS.

Final Thoughts

You will need to use a variety of equipment when you are out hiking. So, you should plan your trip accordingly, which enables you to store all your belongings in your backpack.

We have gone through the best hiking backpacks that can fulfill all your requirements, from affordable to lightweight and feature-rich backpacks. And the winner among the 12 products is Musabasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack. It comes with padded shoulder straps and a breathable mesh panel along with a BPA-free hydration bladder.

However, you are free to explore all the options in the given list as each one of them shows excellence in comfort and performance.

Now, say hello to comfort with these hiking backpacks every time you are out on an adventure.