Best Hats for Men – Style for Every Occasion

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Last Updated: May 31, 2022

Hats are such an understated accessory; they keep us warm in the winters, cool in the summers, some play with it strictly as a fashion statement, while some wear it in pitch fields, some in the jungle, and some tanning on the beach.

Ever wondered why men have stopped wearing hats?  Yes, you see people wearing baseball caps, or the slouchy beanies, or maybe the big floppy straw hats on the beach, but we are talking about the classic hats here; the fedoras, flat caps, the bowlers, or the boat hats. These are a rare sight now, aren’t they? The last time you might have seen a man wearing a pork pie hat was probably on Halloween, trying to dress up as Walter White; maybe.

Men today have completely forgotten what wearing a hat feels like. A man wearing a hat exudes such charisma and confidence, which a man with a bare head never can.

We ought to welcome the revival of the days when both men and women wore hats with confidence. It makes perfect sense for us to cover our heads not only does it serve functional aspects, but also a man looks ten times stylish, handsome and polite.

Selecting a hat is as important for a man as selecting the outfit for the day. Once you get the best hat, it will fit your look and add to it immensely.

There are many hat options for men to choose from. Since men are always looking for the perfect hat, manufacturers are always keeping up with the rise in demand.

With such an assortment of options available, it can get quite baffling to choose one which matches your needs and style. Here are some of the best hats for men to consider for their everyday look.

Best Men’s Hats Reviewed – Top 15 Picks

1. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney

This Booney hat by Columbia is the best option available for your sunny adventures. It has a wide brim around to protect the parts like the head, ears, and neck, directly contacting the scorching sun rays.

It is constructed with the OMNI-SHADE technology, which protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays that you may be exposed to. The tight-weave composition with an Ultra protective factor of 50 blocks away most of the UV radiation to pass through it, protecting you against prolonged skin conditions and sunburns.

Not only the sunrays but this hat keeps the moisture at bay too; integrated with OMNI-WICK technology, the head-band wicks off the sweat on the surface where it evaporates off to the environment, keeping you dry and cool throughout the journey.

  • Flattens and folds easily, making it extremely portable
  • The adjustable cord helps fit any size of head
  • Comes with an adjustable chinstrap
  • Available in multiple versatile colors
  • The brim is constructed with light material

You can flaunt this stylish yet functional hat at your next sunny trip or wet fishing adventures and keep your suntan horror stories at bay.


2. Lisianthus Vintage Wide Brim Fedora Hat

Your hunt for the chicest fedora hat for all occasions ends here. Lisianthus curated the most dapper lightweight hat that sits closely on your head. The design includes the vintage features of a fedora with its classic tear-drop-shaped crown design and an addition of a belt buckle that sits on the brim, which is like a cherry on top.

This Fedora is made out of a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes it extremely light and soft hence you can wear it all day long and won’t even feel it on your head. Adding to your comfort, Lisianthus hats come with an adroitly sown sweatband on edge, which keeps the sweat away all day, and the adjustable straps inside help you fit the hat snuggly on your crown.

  • Comes in two sizes; medium and large
  • Adjustable straps make it a perfect fit
  • The belt and accessories have a couple of color options
  • Unisex design conforms perfectly with everyone’s taste
  • Bad packaging may ruin the original shape

This all-encompassing accessory goes well with all outfits, be it a formal event to lounging on the beach day. Also, its unisex style makes it a bonus for women too.


3. Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie

Knit cuffed beanie has been a classic favorite hat for the cooler times of the year. Carhartt makes no compromise with serving us with the best beanies with its durable rib-knit fabric made purely of acrylic. This feature helps the beanies stretch to all sizes and return to their original size without losing their shape.

The soft acrylic material makes it a comfortable fit while keeping the head warm for those working in harsh cold temperatures outdoors.

The exciting color range, the ribbed pattern, the cuff, and the typical Carhartt’s logo sewn on the front makes it a perfect option for those looking to make a style statement.

  • Sits snug on various head sizes
  • Made of non-itchy material
  • It comes in many different colors
  • Does not lose its elasticity after multiple washes
  • The original color might differ from the picture online

If you want a nifty winter beanie that matches your outfits and saves your head from the plummeting cold temperatures, then this dandy hat will sit snugly on your head every foreseeing winter months.


4. Under Armour Men’s Blitzing 3.0 Cap

Under-Armour is an established athletic brand that is known far and wide for its quality sportswear. Best known for its comfort and stylish design, this brand hits the spot with this cap’s construction. It is made out of a blend of polyester and elastane, which allows extended stretch and breathability.

The aptly sown Heat-gear sweatband on the inside wicks away the sweat during your outdoor activities in the sun, while the pre-curved visor shields direct sun glare into the eyes and protects your face from harmful UV rays.

Adding to the comfort, the front panels help it retain its low profile shape and are integrated with padding for maximum comfort. This product ticks all the marks of comfort and style.

  • Remains firmly on your head
  • Constructed out of UA micro thread fabric
  • Available in numerous different colors and styles
  • Allows machine wash, which adds to the convenience
  • Low profile fit may run small in size for some


5. Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat

Just like anyone else, men need a sun hat, and this one delivers elegance and reliability.

Sunday Afternoons has been producing top-notch outdoor hats for years, and their Havana Hat is an ideal choice to take on trips during the summer season.

Constructed from a blend of polyester and crushable paper straw, this hat is airy and allows plenty of ventilation, keeping your head and mood cool and breezy.

The woven crushable paper straw composition of this hat makes it easier to pack and carry to your vacation destination without the fear of deforming the hat.

This stylish Fedora-like Havana hat has a thick 2.75-inch brim which provides a high rating of UPF 50 so that you can go out and never miss your pleasant times out in the sun.

Lastly, the hat’s interior is integrated with a Wicking sweatband, which keeps the sweat out of your head, and the nifty black trim around the hat completes the required detailing that makes this hat ideal for both men and women for their next tropical trip.

  • Sweatbands on the inner side that direct sweat from your brow
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Built-in adjustable sizing hook and loop fastener are placed inside
  • Cannot endure damp weather conditions

Sunday Afternoons hat makes it the ideal vacation Havana Hat with its feather-like material, chic shape, and very high UPF rating.


6. Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap

Flexfit emphasizes that they produce the best and original baseball fitted caps, and all the fans’ acclamation rightly approves their statement throughout the years.

The blank hats are constructed with six panels and a wool-like textured mid-profile, which ensures sturdiness over time and comfort.

You can find the perfect fit of Flexfit baseball cap for your head, thanks to the flex-fit technology with elastic fibers that run throughout the cap and the various sizes of the cap itself. Finding the perfect size of your favorite sports team is no more a hassle with this baseball-fitted cap.

Lastly, the Perma Curve technology aids the cap to retain its good shape and curve for the long haul. This well-constructed visor helps eliminate direct contact with the sun rays and protects your head from the scorching heat.

  • Can be adjusted easily depending on the head size
  • Available in big assortment of colors and styles
  • Scored the number one bestseller on Amazon
  • The silver under-visor adds a style statement
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight may alter the color of the cap

Flexfit caters to fans of all teams, people of all tastes and sizes. The loyal customers love these baseball caps for being a complete package of comfort and style.


7. NEFF Men’s Daily Beanie

The Neff Company is an iconic brand that’s been producing eminent beanies for more than a decade.

Neff beanies have found the perfect equilibrium when it comes to regulating temperatures according to the weather. It doesn’t ever get too warm or cold up there, and this extremely soft beanie keeps you warm in decreasing temperatures while it is breathable enough for air circulation on warmer days, or you are on to an uphill task.

The beanies are made of pure acrylic material with a subtle ribbed knit texture; the casual slouchy silhouette and the minimalist “NEFF” logo on the bottom adds to the minimalist yet voguish look of the line.

  • Elastic band for proper fit on your head
  • The Unisex style makes it a desirable casual beanie
  • Length of the beanie leaves room for ear cuffs
  • The one-size factor runs large or small for some people

People of all age groups seem to enjoy this trendy piece by Neff, considering it’s such a perfect blend of functional clothing pieces and a stylish headwear accessory.


8. NYFASHION101 Men’s Crushable Wool Felt Porkpie Hat

Wearing a pork pie hat is a big statement itself. This type of hat has been a fashion icon for years, and NYFASHION101 has perfectly depicted the charisma this vintage hat carries.

The hat is carefully curated with a 100% wool felt, which gives it a lux look, a bow band around the hat enhances its silhouette, and a little detachable faux feather sits gracefully on the top.

The brim around the hat is the perfect width to shield against the sunrays, and allows ample circulation to avoid getting too warm. This Porkpie hat is suitable for cooler months, too, when the temperatures are plummeting.

  • Elegant design
  • The crushable feature helps maintain the structure for a long time
  • Detachable feather lets you customize according to your style
  • Some may find the size to be too small

The timeless design of this porkpie hat can elevate any outfit instantaneously. You may flaunt it at your next formal event or use it as a costume next Halloween; the possibilities are endless.


9. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Safari Hat with Genuine Leather Trim

This one is for all the men out there who love their safari trips and enjoy the labor-intensive activities in the sun to the fullest. Dorfman Pacific’s Safari Hat has all that one would want out of a Safari hat and a lot more.

Firstly, Safari hats are made to withstand sweltering summer days and scorching sunlight. Dorfman’s Safari hat doesn’t fall behind; with a UPF factor of 40, this hat will surely shield you against the harmful UV rays and will keep you tan-free throughout the trip.

This Safari hat was made keeping comfort as a top priority, it is composed of the perfect blend of cotton and nylon, and like all competent activewear, this hat, too, comes with COOLMAX Coverage. These features make it extremely breathable and keep you cool and airy even in humid climates.

If all this wasn’t enough, this hat requires does not require a machine wash; you may be by a lake deep in the jungle and can hand wash it till it looks squeaky clean again.

  • Available in sizes up to 3XL
  • The attached chin cord helps you find the right fit
  • Mesh sidewall allows air ventilation
  • Been tested under harsh weather conditions and prolonged exposure to UV rays
  • Some do not incline towards its unfashionable design

The Safari hat by Dorfman Pacific will be your next go-to at all kinds of adventure, be it deep in the jungle, fishing by the lake, or just merely gardening in your backyard; this hat has got your head.


10. Brixton Men’s Stout Pork Pie Hat

For decades, men with great taste in fashion have been opting out for a Pork Pie hat. This Stout, too, ticks all the boxes of an ageless Pork hat with a sleek profile and classic elegance. The cherry on top is the faux leather that completes the entire timeless portrait.

This Stout by Brixton is made of high-quality wool on the outside and lined with silk lining on the inside, and if that does not look ostentatious enough, this hat is neatly wrapped with a lustrous Satin folded band.

This hat is so adaptable that you can wear it anywhere with all kinds of outfits. You can dress it up by pairing it with a blazer, button-down shirts, and formal trousers, or keep it casual and muted by pairing it with jeans and your go-to t-shirt. This classic hat will climb up to your staples wardrobe in no time.

  • Made from pure cotton
  • Brixton pin and feathers are detachable
  • Comes in many sizes starting from extra small all the way to extra large
  • This hat goes well at all events dressed up or dressed down
  • Sizes fall towards the bigger end of the spectrum

With this short-brim stout hat and the eye-catching Brixton pin, you are ready to be gracefully accoutered for your next jazz concert.


11. Tilley Men’s Broad Brim Airflo Sun Hat

For decades Tillys hats are well-loved by their loyal customers for their durable outdoor hats. Their best-selling Airflo Bucket Sun hat is also a customer’s favorite for its lightweight and breathable material.

This collection is designed for maximum functionality outdoors and to withstand harsh weather conditions. The crown of this hat is higher than usual, so it does not stick on your head when the weather gets humid, keeping you dry and non-greasy. Moreover, the crown has ¾” mesh inside, which allows air ventilation keeping your head cool and airy at all times.

This Bucket Sun Hat’s ability to protect against the scorching heat and blazing UV rays is no match. It is designed with a broad brim that shields your eyes from direct contact with sun rays. Moreover, with an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of up to 50, the certified fabric manages to block the majority of harmful UVA/UVB radiation, protecting you against long-term skin conditions and sunburns. Lastly, the dark under brim protects from glare from the river or other reflective surfaces.

  • Hand-stitched seams guarantee durability
  • Has a small secret pocket hidden in the crown
  • Anti-sweat band sown on the inside
  • Water repellant brim channels away moisture
  • Adjustable wind cord secures that hat on your head
  • Needs to be folded neatly to avoid creases

Tillys sun bucket hat is a complete package for adventure seekers. You may enjoy your trip in the woods or sailing out on sea; Tilly takes care of all the little details while you enjoy your time.


12. VOBOOM Men’s Herringbone Flat Ivy Newsboy Hat

Flat caps may not make you any smarter the moment you put them on, but they sure do make you look hip and handsome in an instant.

VOBOOM has constructed this cap with a balanced ratio of wool and polyester that helps you keep warm at a cooler temperature. The inner side is adroitly covered with plush quilted lining, making it a comfortable fit for the entire day.

With a short brim, detailed herringbone pattern, and around nine dark and light color options, you can pair this ivy cap with almost all of your outfits. The best part is that it goes well with outfits of all styles, trendy modern looks, and dandy-looking vintage fits.

  • Can wear it to any occasion and place
  • Small, foldable and is easy to carry
  • Wool makes it warm enough to wear in cooler months
  • Does not have a sweat-band, which doesn’t keep the moisture away

Flat new boy hats are quite versatile; you can wear them in warm weather and cooler times. They can be worn at casual places and also to formal events if paired with the appropriate outfit.


13. Scala Men’s Dress Straw Boater Hat

While some may argue that boater hats were a thing of the past, we still think that nothing represents summertime, like the iconic boater hat, plus there still are endless occasions to wear a boater hat too.

This hat is purely made out of light-toned Laichow straw that gives it a buoyant feel. It has a thick brim on the outside, giving your eyes shade when you’re out in the sun. This hat comes with the prominent dual-toned striped grosgrain band wrapped around with a bow, which completes the iconic look of a boater hat.

  • Elegant, classic design
  • Available sizes go up to XXXL.
  • Twill sweatband wicks away the precipitation
  • You can wear it to formal events or your next costume party
  • Prone to holes if not taken proper care

There are straw boater hats available online, but none comes up to the starch-like Scala Men’s does.


14. KBETHOS Classic Polo Style Baseball Cap

The cap is made out of 100% top quality cotton, which gives it the light feels and ensures its longevity while you fulfill your daily dad chores.

The cap comes in one universal size, but the buckle closure allows you to fasten the cap according to your head’s size; also, the clasp makes sure that the cap stays on even when you’re running around all day.

Lastly, the cap comes in innumerable colors and design style, so you can pair your caps with every outfit you can imagine or choose the color of your favorite baseball team.

  • An affordable option for a baseball cap
  • The visor offers sun protection on sunny days
  • The design is made to fit perfectly to all head sizes
  • The buckle may rust if exposed to moisture for a long period

Dad hats should never be boring, and KBETHOS made sure to design a stylish cap that fits every dad’s taste.


15. MERIWOOL Unisex Merino Wool Cuff Beanie Hat

Merino wool beanies are well known for their wool usage that comes from their merino sheep, which isn’t only highly renewable but lightweight and non-scratchy on skin.

The organic material has this natural sweat-wicking feature that absorbs the moisture and keeps your head sweatproof, making this beanie extremely breathable to wear in all weather conditions. Moreover, along with its anti-bacterial properties, the natural wicking feature keeps the odors away, keeping you fresh and dry all day.

Also, the porous nature of this beanie gives it a light feel and a non-bulky fit, which sits snuggly on your head. Despite being so lightweight, this beanie will keep you warm in the coolest weather. You could use the hat while skiing, hiking, playing sports, or frankly any outdoor activity.

  • Made out of pure Merino superfine wool
  • Adjustable ear cuffs add additional warmth
  • Superfine wool makes it light
  • Simple unisex design
  • The length of the beanie may be a bit too long for some people
  • The beanie rides up on some heads

You have found the right product if you are looking for a feather-like light beanie while also contributing to the environment.


Why Should Men Start Wearing Hats More Often?


Functionality comes at the top of the list. For centuries men have been wearing hats for various purposes. The very first being that the hats shield your eyes from the sun, or if it is cooler, it keeps your head warm. If you love safari trips or wander in the tropics, these hats keep you cool and dry and away from sunlight. Fishing hats with flaps protect your neck and head from sunburns and let you hang hooks.


It is no doubt that hats make a fashion statement, and the right one makes you stand out in the crowd, quite literally.  There’s a style of the hat out there for everyone to choose from. Below you’ll find tips that will help you choose a hat for your facial features and body type. An adequate hat can elevate your outfit from 0 to 10. Not only do hats look stylish, but they add to your height as well; looking taller might give a boost of confidence some men may need.

Basic Hat Etiquettes

It was easier to wear hats in the past because everyone was wearing them, but hats came with their own set of etiquettes, which are now long lost. Back in the days, everyone was well aware of these rules, but as generations passed, wearing hats fell out of trends, and so did the etiquettes. Below are a few rules followed in the past but are not necessarily expected to be followed now.

  • Tipping your hat was a sign of showing gratitude.
  • Men were supposed to remove their hats if there was a woman present.
  • They were also expected to remove their hats while in an elevator.
  • It was considered inappropriate for men to wear hats inside a church.
  • It was taken as an offense if a man tipped another man.

How to Pair Your Hat With Clothes

There are so many styles of a hat to choose from.

For a musical event like a Jazz themed party, you may opt for a Pork Pie, Trilby or a Fedora hat.

For those guys wondering how to wear a cap, you can always pair your snapbacks with simple shirts or maybe even a casual blazer for an afternoon with friends, but do not try wearing snapbacks with formal clothes.

At a dinner date, you can pair a flat cap with your semi-formal fit.

For a casual stroll at the park, you may opt for paperboy hats or beanies. While beanies are quite casual, paperboys can easily be elevated to an evening hat if paired correctly.

If you are the sporty kind, then you already probably own baseball caps and snapbacks. They are a great help when you are out in the sun or maybe even just representing your favorite baseball team’s color.

Lastly, the easy-breezy hats like Panama, the boater hat, or the bucket hats are a usual sight on beaches and cruise ships.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Hats For Men

Many factors contribute to finding the perfect hat that fits your ideal style. There’s a wide variety of hats available online, and to save you from the hassle, the points below will help you plan out how to choose your perfect hat.

1. Material

You need to choose the material of the hat according to the season. The first thing to keep in mind is that a hat should thoroughly protect you from the harmful sun rays in both hot and cool weather.

Summer hats are often made of porous materials with holes that allow ventilation which keeps you stay cool all day. Such materials include straw mesh or cotton. If the hat specializes in waterproof material, the hat may not have holes; instead, it is integrated with special polyester blends that keep the moisture away.

You need to pay special attention to the company’s additional features, most important being the sweat-wicking band which brings the sweat on top of the brim, which then evaporates, leaving your head dry and non-greasy.

The materials used are mostly wool, felt, a batten-down version of wool, leather, and acrylic knit for winter hats. It is better to keep an eye on additional features like ear cuffs, warm lining, quilted lining, and waterproof top in case of snow.

2. Your Silhouette

There are people with all kinds of body silhouettes and unique features. When you choose a hat, it’s crucial to understand that the hats should highlight the attractive features and flatter your body type.

A small hat with a narrow crown and stout brim can make a man look bigger; hence you should avoid it. A bigger hat with a wider crown makes everything look appropriate and proportional to the rest of the body. Similarly, the hat’s band should be wider and almost the same color as the hat’s base and not very contrasting.

For shorter men, you need to opt for a hat with a pinch higher than the crown; if the crown sits low, it will accentuate your short height. Also, if you take a large hat that has a wide brim and the crown that sits taller, it will make your look shorter, and you must avoid it at all cost.

Men who are already tall and thin would probably not want to enhance their height more; that means they need to lean towards hats with medium or, even better, low crowns. On the other hand, they need to choose a hatband with stark contrast with the base color; this cuts the top part from the bottom.

3. Head Size

It all depends on the size of your head ultimately; a hat too small or large would ruin the entire look no matter how well it suits your face cut or silhouette. The easiest way to check if a hat fits your head is by trying it on, but if you are buying online, you need to take a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference exactly where your hat would sit on your head. Hat sizes are usually universal, but they may vary, so it is best to measure for an absolute fit. You should choose the larger size if your head falls in between two standard sizes; it is always better to wear a looser hat than a hat that squeezes your brain out.

Men with the bigger head should avoid a too-small hat, again keeping in mind that the entire proportion should not feel out of place. Select a reasonably sized hat with an adequate pinch on top, a narrow crown, and a hatband with a similar color to the base. Also, snap the front part of the brim down rather than up, which would make your head look smaller.

4. Face Shape and Features

Your facial features and shape are very important to keep in mind when buying a hat. Hats look different on every man, accentuating some features while diverting attention away from some.

Round face

Men with a round face have a face with the almost same wish as the length; the prominent features on a round face are usually a big forehead and full cheeks. To divert attention away from that, choose a hat that is not too small with a larger brim and something that does not have a very pointy crown.

Diamond face

A diamond face shape’s noticeable features are a strong jawline, sharp cheekbones, and a bigger forehead. Opt for hats with curved lines that soften your facial features and not lean towards flat hats.

Oval face

This face has run longer vertically and shorter from ear to ear. Choose hats with shorter crowns and a wider brim that contrasts the long face. If you have a larger forehead, snap the brim downwards.

Square Face

A square face is quite angular with wide cheekbones, jawline, and forehead; avoid hats that have a flat top or sharp edges; rather, choose hats with curved smooth lines that compliment your face well.

Protruding ears

Choose hats that have a wider brim than your ears that way, the size of your ears will not get highlighted. Avoid hats like a Homburg hat because it curves up and has a short brim.

Angular features

If your facial features are rather chiseled or angular, opt for a curvy hat with a small pinch and keep the hat straight and not on the side.

Receding chin

Go for a hat that is not over the top; select a hat with an average crown and small pinch. A larger hat would almost make your chin go out of sight and ruin the face balance.

Prominent nose

With a prominent nose, you need a hat with a brim that is wide as your nose. Avoid sharp pinch and snap the brim down rather than up.

Hair color

You can wear almost all hats, but certain colors may complement your hair color more than the others. Shades of gray and green enhance the golden undertones in brown hair, people with blonde hair can rock brown green and grey hats, auburn hair can go for brown blue or green hats, and grey-haired men flaunt gray and green hats, and lucky men with shaven heads can rock any color from the rainbow.


Now we know hats should not be limited to bad hair days only. It’s about time men get friendly with wearing hats. They add an extra oomph to your outfit, even if you are wearing a basic tee with slouchy jeans.

The type of hat you choose depends entirely on your personal preference. Having many options can be a little overwhelming sometimes; hence we laid out all the options meticulously with their honest reviews to make your choice a lot easier.

Well-dressed men have always used hats as a secret weapon; it upgrades any outfit in no time. Now it is your chance to experiment and unlock a new world of possibilities.