Best Garment Bags for Travel

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

If you’ve ever owned or even rented a suit, you’ve probably heard of a garment bag and recognize why it is so important, but if you’re going to purchase one, we’ll tell you why you definitely need one to back you up on this.

What a garment bag essentially does is that it is a carry bag for your suit to take and transport with you, and it performs this function in such a manner that your suit stays majorly free from creases, wrinkles, dust and any other object or circumstance that might undermine its great condition and risk damaging your whole look.

There are many kinds of garment bags designed for different modes of travel and distances, from inter-city to cross-country to cross-continental travel, you’ll find all sorts of garment bags with different types and number of folds. But when it comes to garment bags, you don’t only want to be looking at that, but also at other features – what kind of material was used to make it, the dimensions, whether there are additional pockets for accessories like cufflinks and ties, the number of suits you can fit in and many more.

So if you’re anticipating wedding in the future, business meetings, presentations, or practically anything that demands formal attire, then you should probably start considering buying yourself a garment bag to make sure you avoid any disasters on the day.

Don’t have time to hunt through the internet, catalogs, and magazines for your dream garment bag? Well, we have got you covered. We’re presenting a list of some of the best garment bags for men out there.

1. ZEGUR Carry On Garment Bag for Travel

As number one on this list, we have this amazing creation by ZEGUR, but before we go on about its features and specifications, we need you to know that this garment bag has been a best seller on Amazon, so be braced to hear some neat things about it!

First off, this garment bag is designed to make your traveling less stressful. It has a great focus on organization and does not only store your suit safely, but also comes with multiple internal zippered pockets that allow for great storage of accessories, ties, and shoes that go with the suit. In addition to this, it also has an outer pouch for stashing other things, like a charger or travel documents that you might want close at hand – making your trip all the more convenient.

Of course, it also does what a garment bag is essentially designed to do – keeping your suit packed neatly and wrinkle-free, but what is great about this one is that it does so in a way that you won’t have to worry about ironing at all! With a buckle to keep your clothes in place, it makes sure that it won’t crinkle and crease through your trips, so you will have more time to relax or prepare before the event.

If that wasn’t enough, it has a pretty sleek design that looks stellar and makes you look fashionable carrying it, and also comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for extra mobility and comfort. Made of 1800D Polyester, with quality zippers and material that won’t be fraying anytime soon, this water-resistant garment bag is designed to last through the years whilst keeping your garments secure.


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
  • Compartments for accessories
  • Great capacity


  • Might be too big depending on the utility

2. MODOKER Convertible Garment Duffel Bag

This garment duffel bag, a product by MODOKER, is a two in one, combining a garment bag and a duffel bag, so it gives you the flexibility to the user to treat it how they like according to their needs.

While it allows you the extra time to relax and unwind by removing the need to iron your garments, it also has a compartment to store matching shoes, and another pocket if you need to put quick access electronics or documents in it when it is assembled to take the shape of a duffel. The garment bag, which functions as a carry-on, is 37.5” L x 20.8” W x 11.8” H in its dimensions and weighs 2.5 pounds, made up of high-quality polyester fiber and jacquard. Along with being resistant to scratches and tears, this duffel bag is also tolerant to water spills and splashes.

MODOKER also seems to understand that convenience and comfort are indispensable during trips, and for this reason, this garment bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap that can be adjusted according to ease and need. What makes it a total winner is that it looks super fashionable, and comes with multiple pockets – a necktie pocket, a shoe pocket, a garment pocket, inside pockets for small items, passport, etc. To add even more to its merits, it comes with a back-flap when working as a duffel bag that allows you to fit it onto the extension handle of your wheeled luggage.


  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder straps
  • Hanging garment bag and duffel bag (2 in 1)
  • Back-flap
  • Works as a carry-on
  • Multiple pockets


  • Limited garment holding capacity (1-2)

3. Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

They say three’s a charm, so maybe this might be the one for you. We have this great product by Travel Select. This garment bag works like a charm when it comes to keeping your garments neat, clean, and crisp through your commute, and it is designed in a manner to ensure this.

This garment bag by Travel Select is built of great quality material: 1200D two-tone polyester and comes with a great EVA reinforcement to the front panel. It has pretty roomy compartments and meshes pockets that are zippered to allow for neat organization of your items and accessories, with tie straps inside to keep the items in place. Going on about its features, let us tell you that it has a great fold-out design which reduces the risk of crinkling and creasing on your shirt, and a carry handle at the top to make it convenient to take with on trips and a strap at the center which allows for extra bags to be carried.

Weighing at 9.3 pounds with in-line skate wheels at the corners, this garment bag can be conveniently taken across and also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which can be adjusted to fit the shoulder nicely and with its non-slip padding, will fit you securely. So don’t worry about a load of your belongings, the distance, or the ironing of your garments with this bag.


  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap with non-slip padding
  • Corner protected in-line skate wheels
  • Great capacity
  • Carry handle on top
  • Industrial quality hardware
  • Center strap for an extra bag


  • Might have to be checked in at an airport

4. AmazonBasics Premium Travel Hanging Luggage Suit Garment Bag

If you still feel like you haven’t found the garment bag you need, don’t sweat about it because we have still got a couple of more great items on this list, like this garment bag by AmazonBasics.

This premium garment is 42 x 20 x 3 inches when it is not folded and weighs only 2.8 pounds which makes it great for travels. You would think it might not have room for much, but you would be wrong because this one can store up to three suits and still leave you ample room to stash your accessories, like cufflinks, ties, belts, shoes, toiletries and etc. Additionally, it also has a lot of mesh zippered pockets that make way for extra storage. With all that storage, it also lets you stay organized with a deluxe organizer within its front pockets – so you can keep your pens, notebooks, chargers, etc. all sorted and easily accessible.

Furthermore, it also makes its utility pretty comfortable for its user by way of a detachable shoulder strap that can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement, and a carry handle for convenient transport, lifting and hanging off it. With this fine product, which is easy to take on trips and can be wiped clean, you can be sure to make your traveling less worrisome and more comfortable. It is reliable, made of high-quality polyester for strength and durability, so whoever is going to buy it is going to be making a fine choice indeed.


  • Great capacity
  • Can be wiped clean
  • Tie-down straps
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Front organizer
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Loop handle


  • Doesn’t fit too great in an airline overhead storage bin

5. WallyBags 66″ Tri-fold Destination Bag

The fifth product on our listing is an excellent garment bag manufactured by WallyBags. As the name suggests, this is a tri-fold garment bag, and what is great about such kinds of garment bags is that they are ideal for cross-continental trips and traveling. This one has a great design and compaction which allows it to fit well into the overhead compartments of airlines and saves you from paying extra baggage charges because it qualifies as a carry-on at the airport. To add to its merits, it keeps your clothes neat and clean through its WallyLock hanger clamp which lets you secure any kind of hanger on it. This garment also has a stunning capacity, and can hold up to about 6 suits, or dresses quite easily, so if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a business trip, or anything that demands a hefty load of clothes, this bag has got you covered for that.

Of course, that is not all. This also allows you to keep your items super organized through many external pockets for accessories, jewelry, folded clothes, shoes, and much more. Not only does it let you carry your stuff safely, but it also lets you carry them comfortably. It is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that is super comfy and a handle that is tender on the hands for lifting and carrying. It can also be modified to attach to a variety of luggage trollies for convenience and better mobility as well; moreover, this 66-inch garment bag comes with a superior built of quality polyester to ensure durability and water resistance of the garment bag, keeping your garments safe and dry.

It is pretty much perfect for weddings and longer trips with its fully lined internal construction and padded roll-bars to lock in garments and guarantee wrinkle-free transport of clothes. In addition to this, it comes with multiple pockets for all sorts of accessories and makes enough space to store shoes, toiletries, and other basic necessities of traveling.


  • 66” length offers great capacity
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Water-repelling material
  • WallyLock hanger clamp
  • Plentiful pockets
  • Double external pocket and internal shoe pocket


  • Could be too heavy when full

6. SWISSGEAR Premium Rolling Garment Bag

We are about halfway into this list, but we still have some amazing products for you to go through. This garment bag by SWISSGEAR is a fantastic product that has a bunch of interesting features to add to its appeal. First of all, it unfolds into four distinct compartments, each accompanied with tie-down straps for securing your garments. It also makes way for a high organization with the aid of multiple pockets for storage of accessories and shoes.

It also is famous for its double construct. It has a unique retractable, telescopic lift handle that allows for great utility and easier movements through the travel, particularly because it can collapse back into its own self for storage of the garment bag at any location. In addition to this, it comes with four in-line wheels with great strength that increase the mobility of the case regardless of how rough or smooth the landscape is.

If that wasn’t enough, it functions as a hanging garment that has built-in, detachable hooks – so you can hang it at the destination room, in any closet to ensure your clothes don’t get crumpled up. The external structure of the garment bag has two huge zippered pockets for you to keep your travel essentials in, like documents, gadgets, etc and the internal structure comes with a wet bag, cinch pockets, zippered pockets and two pockets for a shoe store. Also, it features a name tag so you can easily enter the necessary information to make it easier to be located and returned if lost. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


  • The great organization through multiple pockets
  • High mobility
  • In-line wheels
  • Name tag
  • Good capacity


  • Expensive

7. London Fog Buckingham 44″ Wheeled Garment Bag

One number seven, we bring to you another great product – the London Fog Buckingham Wheeled Garment Bag! This item has a number of great features that led us to put this on our list. A great thing about this garment bag is that it is designed for a number of occasions. From formal gatherings to meetings, extensive travel, and more, all the while ensuring your clothes don’t get messed up in the process.

One of the things we like about this product is that it has a fantastic, compact design to reduce the hassle of carrying it across distances and ideal for short trips. It is constructed with in-line wheels that allow for better mobility and movement and offers great convenience to its user. On the subject of convenience, it also comes with a handle at the top for carrying which can be hidden away out of sight if not in use.

It has a fully lined internal structure that includes tie-down straps to secure items and clothes in and has a good storage capacity as well. It also packs a hanger bracket, so if you don’t want to go through the trouble of hanging your clothes on reaching your destination, you can just take your clothes on their hangers and put them in the closet when you reach just as it is!

So if you don’t mind checking in your garment bag at the airport, this definitely would be a smart choice because it’s built-in a way to keep your garments neat and crisp regardless of its external environment and handling. It has a fashionable outlook with great hardware accents and a WallyLock to ensure your hangers stay in place throughout the trip. What’s more, along with its spaciousness, it offers high organization with its multiple compartments for folded garments, shoes, accessories, documents, toiletries, etc. The internal compartment of this fantastic garment bag offers 6 zippered pockets at your disposal, and the external compartment adds a zippered compartment for extra storage.


  • Compact design
  • Great capacity
  • Hanger brackets to hold clothes in place
  • In-line wheels for better mobility
  • The good organization through multiple pockets
  • WallyLock to keep hangers in place


  • Might have to be checked in at the airport

8. TRAVANDO Garment Bag Suit Dress Carrier with Laptop Compartment

We are pretty sure you aren’t surprised to see we have a product by TRAVANDO in this listing because this company has an acute focus on designing their products in a manner as to make traveling easier for the consumer, so if you still haven’t found your perfect garment bag, then don’t fret because this garment bag might change your mind.

The TRAVANDO garment bag is a one-size-fits-all garment bag. Apart from its large storage capacity, it has a number of interesting features to surely capture your attention.

This garment bag has the necessary capacity for all your garments and accessories. Consisting of two compartments, the large main compartment provides capacity for multiple garments including suits, dresses, pants, shirts and all sorts of clothes, but if further space is required by the user, like for some electronics or stationery, it comes with a 15” zippered compartment that provides space for such purposes – enough to even host your laptops.

If this wasn’t enough, there are even two additional pockets for keeping your accessories like cufflinks, socks, ties, etc. So, you’re definitely not going to run out of space with this one. The bag also provides versatility, with its unique 3-way-carry-system. You could either grab it by the handle, hang it over your shoulder, or even attach it to the handle of a trolley according to needs. Not to forget, this garment bag is made of quality nylon which allows for great wind and weather protection for all your precious belongings and exceptional durability. In addition to all of these features, it has 2 anti-wrinkle plates and snaps buttons to ensure that your folded suit jackets remain safe and as crisp as ever. So if you’ve fallen for this garment bag, you better get it before it runs out of stock.


  • Great capacity
  • 3-way-carry-system
  • Anti-wrinkle protection
  • Water protection
  • Laptop compartment


  • Lacks internal garment supporting straps

9. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag

Brace yourself for an amazing product – the Travelpro Maxlite. An all-rounder lightweight garment bag to accomplish all of your needs. This bag is not only super light at 8.3 pounds but is stain resistant and has a water-repellent coating to make it sturdy and durable as well.

This carry-on garment bag has a flat design to provide a wrinkle-free experience for your travels. And what if the weather is a bit harsh on your travels? You needn’t worry because this bag is not only stain-resistant but also has a water-repellant dura-guard coating to safeguard all your belongings. The high tensile strength zipper further enhances its strength and long-lasting nature. This bag consisting of a roomy interior and additional pockets provides the space you need to put your dresses and accessories while making them more organized and easily accessible.

The bag provides good ease to mobility with its ball-bearing wheels and sturdy PowerScope Lite handle which ensures a smooth and wobble freeroll. So, you could comfortably glide through all your travels.


  • Lightweight
  • Stain-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Roomy interior and easy accessibility
  • Good mobility
  • Limited damage coverage for a year


  • Less capacity

10. DEGELER Carry on Garment Bag

So, coming in at number 10, we have this great product by Degeler. This garment bag is a super lightweight carry on garment bag that is designed for somebody who travels often, so it has all the essential features like durability, versatility, capacity, and comfort. With all of its features, you’re not only getting to transport your clothes neatly packed and crinkle-free, but you’re also going to be traveling in great comfort and ease.

The bag itself is a product of German manufacture, made of velocity nylon that allows for a lightweight experience, weighing at only 1.1 pounds. It comes with a single central zipper which gives you a main roomy compartment to stack your clothes in. In addition to this, it has carefully placed pockets that provide great access to all of your documents, accessories, and essentials. The bag also comes with a 15-inch zippered compartment in case you want to place a laptop or some essential files. Having a titanium hanger for ease of mobility, broad shoulders to keep the wrinkles away from your garments and additional brackets so your suits, dresses, etc. stay firmly in place, this bag is undoubtedly a must-have for all of your travels.

Because this garment bag is made of a water repellent nylon, it keeps all of your belongings dry in the wet season. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, it comes in a variety of colors to select from, so it is definitely going to match your travel mood and style.


  • Lightweight
  • Additional pockets providing easy accessibility
  • Water repellent
  • Two-year warranty


  • Pricey

11. Olympia Luggage Deluxe Garment Bag

Well, we are nearing the end of this list. The Olympia Luggage Deluxe garment bag has a rugged design with an adjustable strap and good capacity for your short travels.

This Chinese bag is constructed from a rugged 1200 D Polyester, providing strength and durability. It has many internal mesh zippered pockets that offer great capacity for storage, and a deluxe organizer at the front to make it easier for you to sort out your essentials.

An adjustable and detachable shoulder strap helps in carrying the bag. Dual buckle tie-down straps keep the clothes in place and a built-in strap in the bag allows it to be tied to your luggage for those long travels.


  • Good capacity
  • Adjustable and detachable strap
  • Built-in strap to die down luggage


  • Limited features

12. Geoffrey Beene Deluxe Rolling Garment Bag

We might be listing this last, but it by no means is any less great than the ones we have listed prior to it. Actually, it might just be the one you’ve been searching for! At number 12, the final product on our list is none other than the Geoffrey Beene Deluxe garment bag.

This product is a super durable garment bag that comes in a pleasing design that is very fashionable and has an adjustable strap to allow its user great mobility and convenience, so you’re not only going to look cool with it, but also going to be very comfortable too!

Its durability comes from the fact that it is constructed from a 1200 denier polyester that gives it great strength and its long-lasting feature. It also packs a reinforced telescopic handle and is built on 2 in-line skate wheels which allow the user to acquire a fast pace for traveling. In addition to this, it has a detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap providing added comfort in the case it is used as a carry-on. The lightweight of the garment bag also is a huge plus, especially when the journey is a long, hectic one. What’s more, is that this garment bag has multiple pockets for high organization and good access to stuff.


  • Adjustable and detachable strap
  • Lightweight
  • Good mobility


  • No waterproofing


With these 12 stellar products, we have rounded up an absolutely fantastic list of the Best Men’s Garment Bag.

So if you’ve been worrying about how to get your suit across the city, state, or country in mint condition, you can take a sigh of relief because these garment bags have you covered. With special features like tie-down straps, WallyLock, and hooks, water-resistant and anti-wrinkle protection, multi-compartments, every one of these garment bags are manufactured in a manner for you to transport your garments securely anywhere you like while staying organized, well-equipped and ready! From garment bags designed to maximize user mobility and comfort to garment bags that allow for a great organization with massive storage space, this list has it all!

We have brought to you some amazing products by equally amazing companies, in hopes of making your life a little easier and a whole lot less complicated. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the garment bag you’ve been looking for.