Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking and Adventure

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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Having the right photography equipment does not always result in award-winning images, but it is still a step in the right direction nonetheless. However, if you are serious about your photography, you will need good-quality camera backpacks to accompany you on your hiking adventures.

You could be someone who likes going on frequent hiking trips to capture landscapes that are not easily seen around in daily life. Or you can simply be experimenting with a new camera, trying to find your characteristic groove to hone your skills.

The passion for photography takes you places, sometimes even the ones which seem surreal. No beauty in this world matches the majesty of the highest mountain terrains. Hiking in such terrain is every photographer’s desire.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a pro, or if you like to take picture of places, people, or especially exotic wildlife, you will need a camera backpack that is high-quality, functional, and long-lasting.

Choosing a Good-Quality Backpack

In a world where the passion for photography is flourishing and actively encouraging, nothing can be more considerate than ensuring a safe set-up to keep your camera and equipment in.

A good-quality photography backpack would effectively protect all of your valuable equipment from lousy weather, bumps, or knocks.

I have conducted extensive research to narrow down the ten best camera backpacks for hiking trips. I have spent quite some time researching and testing the top models to pack all essential camera gear.

So, whether you require something small and discreet to carry with you when you are always on the move in search of the ultimate shot, I hope this guide would help make your search a lot more accessible.

Best Hiking Camera Backpack – Top 10 Review

Without further ado, let’s look at the top products from which you can choose your new backpack. They have a certain thing in common, and that is quality.

1. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Backpack

The Lowepro ProTactic Black Pro Modular backpack comes with an armored top and a rigid EVA molded section on the outer surface. This is apart from the protective FormShell technology that is designed to protect fragile or sensitive equipment inside.

The best thing about this backpack is that it is equipped with MaxFit System dividers. This is, in fact, the ideal alternative to a bag having partitions for camera equipment.

What especially stands out about the MaxFit System is that it is secured by Velcro straps and is adjustable. This gives you the power to customize and accordingly produce sections however you need.

If utilized to its maximum capacity, you will be able to produce around 11-12 extra padded sections in the main compartment.

So, thanks to the Lowepro ProTactic 450, you can especially protect your camera parts by tucking them inside the MaxFit on your future photography trips.

By that, we mean you can safely store more than one professional camera, a tripod, microphones, a tablet or laptop, and any other accessories you might require.

On the inside, there are adaptive and flexible dividers that enable the easy positioning of multiple camera kits and configurations.

The modular backpack includes a slip lock system and a slip lock tripod too. These allow several additional Lowepro non-camera accessories to be fitted at once too.

It’s ActivZone system technology helps distribute the weight evenly to ensure maximum comfort.

Not to mention, there is even a rain fly cover that neatly fits onto the backpack. So, unless you happen to be a bit slow in terms of putting your gear away during the wet weather, you don’t have to worry about any sort of water damage.

  • Well padded all round
  • Superbly stylish and without any compromise to quality
  • Designed to distribute weight of heavy equipment evenly
  • Tripod cup and water bottle holder
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Flexible, customizable dividers that allow several interior configurations
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not sturdy enough to stand upright for a long time


2. Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack

The Thule Aspect DSLR backpack is made entirely of nylon material. It is made and developed in the United States but is also available for import across the globe if required.

Its unique features include padded storage that can be customized to protect your equipment. This can consist of flash, multiple lenses, the DSLR camera itself, or other personal gear.

It can also protect a laptop up to 15.6 inches with an iPad in the back compartment at the same time. The most significant advantage is that it has several containers of varied dimensions, which you can use according to your need.

However, the cherry on the top is that it is also big enough to hold drones inside, which can measure up to 260 x 240 x 130 millimeters.

This is a backpack that you can carry comfortably thanks to the removable shoulder straps, padded hip belt, and air-mesh back panel. It also allows you to store a tripod just as quickly due to its convenient storage space on the side surface.

There is also a sternum cap that enables you to stabilize the heavier loads and prevent excess fatigue. Apart from that, there are several pockets for you to store personal documents or accessories too.

  • Lot of pockets
  • Removable, padded hip belt, shoulder straps and air-mesh back panel
  • A side zipper opening allows accessing your camera quickly
  • Movable dividers allow adjustment of the layout at your convenience
  • Not waterproof


3. Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW II Outdoor Backpack

The Lowepro LP36888 Photo Sport 200 AW II is a refined bag that is suited to accommodate the following things:

  • A mirrorless camera or DSLR that is attached with an extra lens, adapter, or flash
  • A 2-liter hydration reservoir
  • Additional gear for accessories such as a compact tripod, sunglasses, snacks, jacket, a bike helmet, etc.

This pack helps keep your camera gear secure and in place at all times, be it during hiking, biking, climbing, snowboarding, or running.

They have also introduced a new UltraCinch design feature that includes a custom pull-tab to quickly tighten and cinch the photo gear space for bounce-free protection.

There is an ActivZone harness designed to provide targeted comfort for active photographers as they move with their pack. There is a built-in all-weather AW Cover that effectively keeps all the elements at bay.

Be it sand, dust, snow, or rain, your camera or personal belongings will be kept safe and secure without a scratch, thanks to this backpack. The multiple attachment points allow you to store extra hiking gear securely. This includes trekking poles and a tripod.

  • Built-in all weather AW cover
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Sturdy and suited for prolonged or rough usage
  • Provides easy side-access to gear
  • Not spacious enough to add an additional battery grip accessory
  • Not suited to fit specific DSLR models


4. Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 350 AW Backpack

The Lower LP37015-PWW doesn’t allow you to compromise with what you may want to carry. It has open space compartments and a split camera section that will enable you to store just about anything you want.

This includes a standard DSLR, a couple of extra lenses, the attached lens, a compact tripod, and so on. You can even add a tablet up to 10 inches in a cradle to the deal.

Whether you shoot pictures for a living or click out of passion, this one is crafted to make your journey smooth.

The side gear allows easy and effective flipside access to your equipment, and this helps you avoid putting your bag down every time you want to take a picture while on the move. The ActivZone suspension comes with all-day wearability, so it makes wearing it a breeze.

There are also additional carrying options in interior and exterior, including multiple attachment points. This allows you to scale up or down the amount of gear you carry outside of your bag as per your convenience.

It is capable of carrying all your tools and provide the comfort you need for a great hiking experience.

  • Optimum compartmentalization
  • Lightweight and water resistant
  • Breathable ventilated back panel
  • Small opening, so you might struggle to fit in some gear


5. Vanguard Havana 48 Backpack

The Vanguard Havana 48 backpack always keeps your equipment safe, be it dividers or even if it is a not well-padded camera insert. The padded straps and harness built into the bag also make it very easy to carry around while you are on the move.

The company boasts of a splendid track record that spans more than 15 years, so you already know that your camera is in good hands. Apart from the essential camera equipment, you can also include a tablet, a laptop, and a small tripod or monopod stand connection.

It can fit your gadgets, clothes, and practically everything that you need to be well equipped while traveling.

The biggest advantage of getting this camera backpack is that it allows you a sense of stability when you carry it around with yourself. There is a complete raincoat coverage that keeps it waterproof and rainproof at all times.

In addition, there are several well-assorted and dedicated pockets that allow you to store specific items such as snacks or documents, among other things.

  • Rain cover
  • Monopod/small tripod connection
  • Highly spacious with ample space for excess storage
  • Ideal for almost all standard DSLR models
  • Storage pockets could be better
  • Not adaptive to most camera types


6. Burton F-Stop Camera Backpack

This 100% polyester backpack is an ideal travel partner for you. The padded pockets are perfect for keeping the camera equipment safe. The extra lens that accompanies the camera is the most essential and delicate part. Without it, the body of the camera is of no use.

Hence, it is necessary for the lens to be kept in the most secure spot. These pads lining the pockets keep the lens away from any scratches. It also keeps the lens clean from dust.

Not only the padded pockets, but it is also equipped with stashes and attachments for your photo gear.

The design is inspired by the pro snowboard photographers Dean Blotto Gray and Jesse Dawson.

For all the professional photographers who need more than one piece of equipment to capture their magic into the screens, the bag has some more features. It has an external side pocket that has a waterproof cooler lining.

The Burton backpack is your best partner as it has pockets on both sides to fit your essentials, such as water bottles for the journey.

The bag is of a “vertical carry system” type. This ensures that your shoulders don’t go through all the extra labor and pain. What’s commendable about this holistic bag is that it is also compatible with a tripod or board.

Burton takes much pride in its crafted backpacks because of its innovative solutions. It aims for people to enjoy the outdoors and looking at the features, it certainly accomplished that.

For everything they do and create, the inspirations are the mountain hikes and their photography journey. They have been indulging in these innovative products for over four decades.

  • Spacious enough to fit in all essential equipment
  • Waist harness ensures it adjusts the pressure of the backpack
  • Customizable internal compartments
  • Fully padded compartments
  • Not waterproof
  • Does not have a separate space to fit a laptop


7. PGYTECH OneMo 25L Camera Backpack

The PGYTECH OneMo camera backpack comes with all the basic needs that might come in handy to keep your photography equipment safe. It has a built-in pouch mode and separate padded shoulder straps.

The product comes with a sling bag that gives extra room to keep more things. When you travel using the PGYTECH OneMo, you do not have to bear the irrelevant bulk with you while traveling.

You can customize your own compartments here. The DIY dividers facilitate the configuration of the chambers at your own ease.

The backpack gives you a delightful experience. It is designed using the multiple depression techniques. You can adjust and change the tension of gravity based on the tension points.

Most camera backpacks do not maintain separate compartments for equipment like batteries. But this product has designated slots and flaps for batteries and other small instruments. The camera battery compartment also has a charge level indicator.

It has a 5L expandable storage space where you can pack your sleeping kit, clothes, and other essentials for travel.

The zippers are equipped with anti-theft technology that can withstand any penetrations. Once you lock the zipper, all your valuables, such as your wallet, passport, and other essentials, are thoroughly secured inside.

  • Easily washable
  • Contains a soft cushion material on the inside
  • Comes with rain covers and waterproof zippers
  • Equipped with an RFID security side pocket serving as an anti-theft system
  • Might be a bit insufficient for someone who is used to traveling with more clothes


8. Peak Design Everyday Camera Bag

The bag has aced the idea of providing easy access to your belongings. Keeping up with the ‘User-centric’ values, your gears and all the essentials can be instantly accessed from either side of the bag. Not only this, but you can also access the pack from the top.

It is made of two waterproof Ultrazips. The top compartment is equipped with unique MagLatch hardware. The company takes pride in the handling of the bag and how “lightning-fast” it can be.

The bag is ideal for a photographer as it is quiet, light, strong, and user-friendly. The three Flex Fold dividers can be configured as per the user’s wish. The camera compartment enables an organized approach to manage your stuff.

The sleeves are dedicated for laptop storage of up to 15 inches. It can also fit tablets, documents and has multiple internal pockets. These pockets help to keep the small items in an organized manner.

  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Has a comfortable cushion material
  • Contains adjustable straps
  • Expandable to fit extra luggage
  • Space can be a limitation for bulky items


9. MindShift Gear BackLight 36L Backpack

People who love to travel solo know how inherent it is to travel light. Keeping the fancy travel life behind and exploring with only the necessary items is art too.

Hence, to keep the artist in you alive, the MindShift backpack gives you a high-quality travel experience. Made up of tough, durable material and designed to sustain rough travel patterns, this backpack is the best of its kind.

It is equipped with side pockets and a top compartment. This enables you to take everything that is necessary for you to fulfill your photography ventures.

The interior is well-organized, with compartments that can store your camera and its equipment efficiently. A separate compartment to fit all your clothes and other essentials is also present. The bag can be stretched and hence can contain some extra luggage.

The additional baggage will not hinder or damage any of your camera equipment as the compartments are very sturdy and well-protected. They ensure that the extra luggage stays confined within the designated rooms.

It is a perfect go-to pack for those who love traveling light. Its side pockets are crafted wide in size to adjust those “little extras” into your backpack.

So, if you’re planning to travel solo, consider taking this product for the best experience.

  • Exceptionally light and easy to travel with
  • Made of very durable material
  • Contains ample space for essential camera kit
  • Not stuffy and congeste
  • Compartments too small for extra luggage


10. YuHan Multi-function Waterproof Camera Backpack

The YuHan camera backpack is waterproof and absorbs shocks. The camera bag also has a separate compartment to fit a 15-inch laptop.

It is made of high-quality 840D nylon. It is entirely waterproof, which makes the product robust and durable.

The product fits a DSLR with an attached lens of size 18-55mm. Furthermore, it easily accommodate 1-2 zoom lenses and some extra flash.

If you are tech-savvy and you love to travel with your gadgets, then it can fit your tablet, GoPro gadgets, and even a MacBook.

The backpack also has multifunctional compartments that proffer you a space to adjust your camera gear along with additional gadgets that you wish to travel with.

The bag is lined with a pad and a protective storm-flap which embraces the essentials. In case you don’t want to include it, remove it to convert the bag into a fully functional daypack. Isn’t that smart?

The front pockets allow quick access to the dual compartments on the inside. Additionally, to sustain heavy rain, it comes with a waterproof cover.

The product is a perfect travel companion as it has the capacity to fit all the essentials along with the bare minimum.

If you are one of those travelers who love to plan things well and are organized, this product will be a satisfaction to travel with. The hassle-free handling and different compartments help to set your stuff in an organized manner.

The camera compartment can hold a DSLR with a battery grip attached, and the waist belt functions as a lifesaver that helps to distribute the load of the backpack. Carrying this on your back does not strain your shoulders, and you can remove the waist belt whenever you wish to.

The only thing that may be considered to be a disadvantage is that its back flaps are not connected to the main surface. Make sure to put some solid wax on the zippers before the rough handling, and you are good to go.

  • Waterproof nylon material
  • Spacious
  • Removable camera box
  • Side pockets are big enough to fit any gorilla pod
  • Smooth length adjustment system
  • Hip flaps can sometimes cause hindrance while walking
  • Pockets can be a bit floppy


Things To Look For in a Camera Backpack for Hiking

It often happens that once you finish packing all your gear, you will hardly be able to find any extra space to squeeze in some sunscreen or snacks.

At other times, it might happen that you might have to bring along your tripod set. But you can easily manage that with a proper versatile camera backpack.

The problem often lies in the fact that many of these backpacks are not entirely suited to photography equipment or cameras. This is primarily because they are not explicitly designed to be able to protect devices that are fragile.

The search for the right camera hiking backpack is heavily influenced by how you intend to use it and the sort of equipment you want to carry. This section will go over some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for camera backpacks suitable for hiking trips.


The best camera bags will have a separate laptop compartment and some extra space for storing other camera accessories. These can include external hard drives, cables, memory cards, lenses, and so on.


One of the best features of a good camera bag is the ability to customize the interior configuration to accommodate your desired equipment just the way you need it. This can be accomplished by using padded dividers that quickly snuggle all your gear safely within.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Comfort is particularly critical. As a travel photographer, you will be carrying your gear on your back all day. A comfortable bag will make a big difference in how light or heavy your equipment feels.

In terms of accessibility, it should also allow you to access your gear easily. You should not have to put down and unravel everything inside all the times that you have to take a quick photo on the go.


The foam inserts that protect your gear inside a camera pack set it apart from others. Not only should your bag have these foam paddings all around it, but it should also have several foam dividers to keep your equipment from banging against each other while on the road.

Construction and Material

It would help if you went for a strong product made of long-lasting materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and seams. It should ideally be weather-resistant to protect your equipment from rain or other weather conditions.

In terms of material, canvas and its variants are among the most commonly used materials, thanks to their low cost, resistance, and durability. Some newer synthetic materials achieve the same result, but they tend to be a bit pricey at the same time.


Something which never ceases to be important is the value that any item is priced at. In many cases, the cost of it can be the final say in your decision to purchase a product too.

This is no different in terms of choosing the camera gear or backpack.

If you happen to be a hard-core photographer who only steps out with his camera, it is probably recommended to spend some more bucks on something that is of a higher quality. You would need something that would last with you for a long time.

On the contrary, you can usually prefer going on short week-long vacations and need a backpack to carry your camera gear during that time. In this case, you can easily find a good-quality backpack at an affordable price that will do the job for you just fine.


For a photography enthusiast, it is indispensable to travel with all the essential camera equipment. However, just taking the equipment along on your hike isn’t enough. It’s common knowledge that a camera and its equipment are expensive.

The equipment needs a safe space where you can store them without being worried about any damage. You also need space for other essential items like your clothes, or some hiking gear.

Having said that, hiking with excess luggage is not wise. Therefore, trekking comfortably is the foremost priority.

The backpack that fulfills those criteria for me is the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Backpack, which I can highly recommend.

For those who have found their passion for outdoor adventure, especially when it comes to hiking involving photography, you will need a backpack that will be able to fit-in for what you want. You need nothing but the best camera backpack for hiking.