10 Best Briefcases for Men

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Because of the lack of the use of briefcases these days, it may seem like briefcases may have gone out of style. However, the transformation of briefcases has rendered that idea void. Not to mention, it is the most compact and sturdy way of keeping all your belongings in one place. Briefcases also happen to be more secure than a regular backpack, because of their robust structure. Buying a briefcase may seem difficult but with the right information and specifications, and knowledge of your preferences, it may be as easy as buying a bag. Leather briefcases are becoming more common each day.

1. KPL 18 Inch Leather Briefcase

This leather briefcase is made out of full-grain leather, this means that the leather used is durable and won’t start wearing out after a short amount of time. The lining inside the bag is also made out of the same leather. The bag is handcrafted which means the seams of the bag will be able to take a lot more strain than any other bag. It is about 12 inches long and 18 inches wide. A good height is necessary for people to be able to keep their laptops and such.

A good thing about the leather that is used for this bag is that even as it gets older, it won’t look cheap and worn out, it might look vintage and better. The style of the bag is distressed so, it won’t look worse. It goes for a good price for such a sturdy leather bag.


  • The bag has received positive reviews online saying that the seams are sewn very well and it is thick in the material.
  • There is no plastic-y or rubber smell that comes from the bag.
  • It adds a very classy touch to your overall professional look.
  • The shoulder strap of the bag can be adjusted according to your liking.
  • The bag is also very versatile and can be used for school purposes or office purposes.


  • As it is probably assumed, the bag isn’t exactly waterproof, so you may have to avoid storing things that are liquid on the off chance that they spill and damage your bag and your items.
  • Leather isn’t exactly cruelty-free, which some people might not want to go for because it won’t accommodate their belief system.

2. Samsonite Leather Expandable Business Case

The company claims that the bag is made out of genuine leather. since the company is recognized, there isn’t much option for false advertising.

The bag is 12.25 inches high and about 16 inches wide. You may be able to store your electronics inside it without the fear of it ripping apart easily. It is about 7 inches deep which means more storage and more room for you to keep electronics.

The bag is available in black which gives it the classy touch that bags need. There is a pocket in the front as well.


  • The genuine leather means that the bag is durable and will not wear out too quickly. You may be able to use it for years before something happens to it.
  • Apart from the depth, there is a compartment on the front for you to be able to organize your items much better. The smaller items that you might want to store in your bag, but tend to get lost because of their size can be kept in a spot that is much easily reachable.
  • There is a shoulder strap that can be easily adjusted because of the hook and loop system on it.


  • There have been complaints about this bag regarding the seams and stitching which started to come apart after a very short amount of time. This negates the durable factor of the bag.
  • Some of the inconsistencies also include the fact that it started peeling which can only mean that the bag is not entirely made out of genuine leather. there may be remnants of other materials in the mix as well.
  • The reviews haven’t been great either which means that the bag is not up to par and is not worth the price that it is being sold for.

3. Ytonet Travel Briefcase

The bag is made out of water-resistant and supposedly durable, polyester fabric. Polyester is easily the ideal material to be used for storage that is going to hold heavy items like laptops and other electronic devices. The bag is available in two different sizes; a 17 inches long bag and an 18 inches long option. The variety in sizes is actually very convenient because of the preferences of the people.

There is more than one compartment in the bag. This will help you store your smaller items with ease and make them accessible without having to spend time sifting through your bag.

The capacity of the bag can be expanded from 7.7 inches to about 8 inches. The bag also comes with a strap to help carry it around with much ease.


  • The shoulder strap of the bag is padded with maximum comfort for the are on your shoulder that the bag will be placed which usually suffers from the most strain.
  • The expandable size is a pleasant surprise for the user who might need more room to store their electronics.
  • The availability of two different sizes is also a good option.
  • Overall, the reviews have also been pretty good and not many complaints.
  • The bag can also be used for travel purposes because of its secure and robust nature.


  • The polyester fabric isn’t sustainable and will be bad for the environment when it becomes waste.

4. Polare Original Full Grain Leather Bag

A full-grain leather bag usually means that the leather that the bag is made out of is genuine and durable and will most likely last the user a long period of time. On-demand of the people who purchased the bag, the lining of the interior of the bag has been changed from polyester to cotton wool, which is a much more environmentally friendly option. The simple leather gives the bag a classy and professional look without being too flashy. The bag is 16 inches big and can hold a decent amount of times inside it without giving way. The bag also comes with a 1-year warranty which means that the company is confident in its product.


  • The shoulder strap of the bag has thick padding for the purpose of maximum comfort without seeming too bulky or huge. The strap can also easily be detached if you prefer the smaller handles attached to the bag.
  • The laptop compartment of the bag is padded to help protect your fragile electronics from being damaged.
  • Leather in general is very long-lasting and is a lot more, classy, and environmentally friendly than polyester.
  • The warranty of the bag also gives a certain level of assurance to the customer.
  • There have been many happy reviews by a lot of people which confirms the quality of the bag.


  • Leather products are not cruelty-free and vegans would not prefer buying them.
  • The price is a bit too much and not very affordable but the bag may be worth it because of the quality materials that are used to make it.
  • There have been inconsistencies when it comes to the zipper of the bag, it may not be made out of the best materials.

5. Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attache Briefcase

An “Attache” briefcase is a more traditional kind of briefcase. The kind of briefcases that were used by people very commonly not very long ago. The bag is mostly made out of leather and can hold a decent amount, of items without breaking apart. Especially because of the robust and sturdy structure of the bag that will not easily fall apart. The bag comes in only one size which is about 17 inches long, about 12 inches wide and about 3 inches thick.

The organizational system of the bag is also quite thought out and designed with consideration of the user. The hardware of the bag, also known as the handle and the switches that lock or unlock the bag is made out of silver. These small details give it that extra touch, that makes it look very classy.

The bag comes with a 1-year warranty as well to overcome any shortcomings related to the bag. The bag only comes in the color black.


  • For a briefcase, the bag is quite spacious and expendable. There are separate compartments for each of the items.
  • The exterior is made out of leather giving it that classy touch that professional people usually like to go for.
  • The carrying handle isn’t exactly padded but it does that level of sturdiness and softness for a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • There are four metal feet on the bottom of the bag so that when you set it down, the fabric of the bag will not come into contact with the floor. This will protect the bag from abrasion and retain the sleek look of the bag.
  • The limited storage of the bag will prevent you from over-filling your bag with mindless junk and you will use the capacity for things that are necessary.


  • “Attache” cases may be spacious, but they are not as spacious as bags usually tend to be. If you need more storage than usual, an “Attache” case may not be a viable option for you.
  • Leather is not cruelty-free.
  • There have been inconsistencies when it comes to the stitching and the seams of the bag.

6. RoadPro SPC-931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase

This is also a briefcase that is more on the sturdier side and it tends to keep your things secure more so than usual and like normal messenger bags or travel bags.

The bag is about 17 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. The bag is made out of aluminum, this material being a metal ultimately is much more, robust and strong than any leather or polyester cases. There are compartments inside the bag for items like pens and your phone. This will help you keep things organized and you will be able to find your items much easier.


  • You won’t be filling up your case with unnecessary items, something that usually happens with the bag, because of limited capacity. this will also help you to keep your things organized and will help you stay prepared.
  • If the product arrives in perfect condition, it is most likely that it will stay that way keeping in mind that you don’t damage it heavily on your own and use it mindfully and securely.
  • Finally, the silver and metal exterior of the bag gives it that classy look that people usually tend to go for. it may look more expensive than it is.


  • There have been many inconsistencies when it comes to the bag, some people have described the material as flimsy and very similar to plastic instead of metal. You might not get the expensive look that you are going for.
  • People have also complained that there were dents on the product when it arrived, but that might be more of a shipment issue than a manufacturing issue.
  • The latches of the briefcase are also quite cheap and not up to par. People have complained about them snapping off.

7. Texbo Napa Leather Briefcase

The exterior of this bag is made out of imported leather and the interior is made out cloth lining instead of polyester. They improved the zippers as well, because of the inconsistencies that may have been complained about previously.

There are many compartments that the bag comes with, smaller and bigger, to help you keep your valuables organized to the best of the bag’s abilities. There is a pocket for pens, your wallet, and a smaller one with a zipper for your cards, that you know are important but not important enough to keep in your wallet. The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap that gives you the option to either carry it by hand or use the much, elongated version. The bag is 17.5 inches long 12.5 inches in height and about 5 inches in width.

The bag also comes with a 1-year warranty and it comes in the color black.


  • The best thing about this bag is that it will have much more room than a structured briefcase.
  • In addition to that, the improvements that have been made to the bag just proves that the company’s customer service is well-adjusted.
  • The customers have also described the product as versatile and worth the money that they spent on it.
  • The bag is well-sized and not too bulky but at the same time, it is quite spacious.
  • The shoulder strap is padded to allow maximum comfort to the user.
  • The price of the bag is quite affordable, especially because it is made out of leather.


  • Leather is not cruelty-free.

8. Bosidu Leather Briefcase

This leather briefcase claims to be of high quality. The fabric is said to be durable and retainable. The dimensions of the bag are 16.5 inches in length and about 13 inches in height. This makes the bag quite spacious for users who need storage for more things.

There are two small pockets in the bags, three pen holders and a back document pocket. All these compartments are very useful for the user. The bag also comes with a strap that can be expanded from 35 inches to 59 inches.

The bag also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy.


  • The expandable strap provides the user with preference and comfort for the shoulder. The strap can also be detached if you want to store it.
  • The material that the bag is made out of is waterproof, you may be able to salvage your bag if you accidentally spill liquid inside it.


  • Leather is not a cruelty-free material and some vegans may not want to use it.

9. Estarer Men’s Leather Briefcase

This brand describes its leather as vegan leather. majority off the issue that comes with leather is not about durability, but rather about how the material is made. The compartments inside the bag are designed in such a way that you will be able to stay organized without filling up your bag with too much unnecessary junk. There is also a compartment for pens and cards.

The bag is about 15 inches long and comes in the color black. There is a detachable strap that comes with the bag which allows you to switch from straps if you like or if your body gets tired.


  • The vegan leather that this bag is made out of means that the bag is cruelty-free and is good for the environment as well, which makes it the ideal bag in terms of morals.
  • The price of the bag is very affordable.


  • There have been many inconsistencies with the bag; issues with the zipper and with the fabric which is not as sturdy as genuine leather fabrics.

10. Solo Empire 17.3 Inch Laptop Briefcase

This bag advertises itself as TSA friendly. This means that it can also be used for travel purposes because the compartments will be easy to access. The bag is 17 inches long and can fit any average laptop with much ease. There are compartments in the bag for optimum organizations including pockets for your glasses and your pens.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap and carries handles. The bag comes in two different colors; black and grey. Both are classy options.


  • The TSA friendly feature of the bag also means that it will be much easier for you to access your items without sifting through your bag and it may make your check out a whole lot easier.
  • The bag also comes with a 5-year guarantee. This makes it obvious that the company trusts their product.


  • The shoulder strap of the bag is not detachable.
  • The capacity of the bag isn’t a lot, the filing options and sectioning may have taken much of the space.
  • The price isn’t ideal for the lack of space.


It is very important to consider all your options before you opt for a proper briefcase. The expensive option won’t necessarily be the best one. Going to cheap may cause you to end up wasting your money.

There are many companies that make bags, but not all of them make useful bags. If you want the right bag for you, you need to factor in your preferences.

It also helps to know the functions of the bag and the requirements that you need to fulfill. Invest in a good bag that will last you a long time. In short, do your research and don’t waste your money.