Best Backpack for MacBook Pro 15 – Guide and Reviews

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Last Updated: October 13, 2021

MacBook Pro is a premium laptop. Taking good care of it adds to its years of longevity. The best way to keep your laptop secure is by storing it in a high-quality backpack.

Below are reviews of top-notch laptop backpacks that will take good care of your MacBook and cater to your needs.

Best MacBook Pro 15 Inch Backpacks – Top 5 Reviewed

1. OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack – Best Overall

Constructed out of pure 600D Polyester Pindot, the Renegade RSS backpack is the sturdiest out there. If you carry many electronic types of equipment around and like to keep those all organized, this backpack will be your best travel buddy. OGIO offers several different compartments and a separate section for your MacBook Pro.

The main section is expansive and roomy and can accommodate a lot of things at once. At the rear is the infamous laptop pocket that is large enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop. To help keep that laptop secure, the “Reactive Suspension System” plays a big role; it has sturdy plastic panels which help buffer your laptops from the sudden fall, spills or jerks.

Additionally, the front pockets have a U-shaped zip, making it extremely accessible; this compartment is usually referred to store your tablet and another electronic gadget since it is padded. Right in front are even smaller organizational pockets made of mesh to store any medium-sized things. Also, this bag comes with, one-of-a-kind section. It features a sunglasses compartment on the top; it is a deep and hard with a soft lining inside that keeps it safe from other things in the bag, and the lining keeps it scratch-free, making it ideal for stowing your delicate sunglasses in. You can always switch your sunglasses with other fragile things you may carry.

Numerous organizational pockets aside, OGIO has added small details that ensure maximum comfort. The foam-padded straps are adjustable, which lets you adjust the height and hang comfortably on your shoulders. Not only the straps but the entire bag’s back, higher and lower parts are padded too, which makes wearing this bag convenient and allows ample air ventilation too!

  • Luggage pass-through handle
  • Pockets are padded to store delicate equipment
  • Double-sided accessory holders
  • A small secret pocket with zipp
  • Small pocket on straps
  • The bag is slightly heavy

If you are a perfectionist, who likes innumerable pockets, padding and keeps their gadgets close to their heart, this heavy-duty backpack is ideal for traveling with.


2. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack – Travel Buddy

For decades Timbuk2 has been manufacturing quality products. Mostly designed around the urbanites’ needs, this spire collection is especially intended for Apple users.

This bag is directed towards those who love to travel, hence the streamlined silhouette. Despite the sleek structure, this bag is quite spacious and deep; the main compartment has dual electronic pockets; where you can easily fit your MacBook Pro 15 inch and your iPad that a big Velcro strap will secure. The electronics can also be directly accessed through the zipper located on the back of your bag.

It has the most versatile options when it comes to accessibility on the go. On the exterior, there are innumerable loops for you to latch your carabiners on; also, you can hang the U-Lock on the webbing while you take a break from cycling. On one side are straps and loops and on the other is a holder for water bottles, which is crucial for city-bikers. There are quite a few zipped pockets in the bag’s exterior; some run across the width while some are standard zip pockets. These pockets make it easier to get what you want without rummaging deep in the bag.

The bag’s selling point is that despite being made of canvas, the main compartment is completely water resistant; you can have fun in your rainy endeavors and not worry about your valuables.

  • All hardware is anodized
  • Straps are adjustable for a custom fit
  • Attached bottle opener on the straps
  • Lifetime repair warranty
  • Thin padded mesh on the rear
  • No security features except for Velcro and zippers

This backpack often described as a city-slicker, stays true to its name. With countless straps and electronic compartments, it will surely accompany you well around the city.


3. Smatree Slim Laptop Backpack for MacBook Pro – Trendiest

If you are tired of bulky backpacks with straps and hanging hooks, then stress no more; this slim laptop backpack by Smartree has an almost revolutionary design in the simplest form. This backpack is hassle-free with specific features.

Despite the sleek shape, the bag grants expansive capacity; it has three separate compartments and accessory pockets. Your MacbookPro15 can be securely placed inside the middle compartment’s laptop sleeve, leaving ample room for other accessories.

The front section has neatly sown compartments of different sizes; these let you organize your daily necessities such as cables, chargers, earphones, cards, etc. You can tuck in these accessories vertically into the mesh pockets; your things will stay put throughout your travel without getting all shuffled and messy. The two independent sections let you retrieve your things without spilling them everywhere.

The sleek, lightweight body makes it travel and airport friendly, and the water-resistant material adds a cherry on top.

  • Adjustable straps allow custom-fit
  • Additional strap for fastening it to luggage
  • Versatile design makes it a unisex backpack
  • Quality of zippers not up to the par

The semi-hard outer shell on this chic backpack adds shock protection for your laptop, and the geometric shell serves as a fashion statement too.


4. Bopai Business Backpack – Budget Friendly

Bopai offers a perfect fusion of formal briefcase and backpacks. It offers large space in a petite structure. The main compartment has two big sections; the front section has a pocket with a zipper and a few smaller pockets to organize smaller accessories. The padded compartment at the rear is where you securely place your MacBook Pro15; it is well cushioned and offers snug fitting to the laptop.

The backpack is made out of microfiber leather which makes it waterproof. Also, there is one security pocket inside with a zipper; most of the compartments are designed inside with very few left on the outside, making it less prevalent to theft.

  • It opens up to 45 degrees, making it very accessible
  • Water-proof water bottle pocket outside
  • Breathable design
  • Great quality at an affordable price
  • Zippers are not very durable

If you are looking for a standard version of a backpack with all the basic features and large space, this is your stop.


5. Everki Slim Laptop Backpack For 15-Inch MacBook Pro – Most Compact

EVERKI Studio has a reputable name amongst the laptop bag manufacturers. This bag by them hits home with its compact structure, which is only 4.5 inches deep, sleek profile, and minimal styling.

The selling point of this backpack is its’ integrated laptop guard system. To keep your MacBook Pro secure inside, they have constructed extra high-density cushioning integrated into the lining. Also, the corner guard system will shield your laptop against bumps and abrupt falls.

  • Additional trolley handle pass-through at the back
  • High-contrasting zippers lining
  • Adjustable straps for custom fit
  • Hidden stash pocket inside
  • Side pockets prone to tearing

This product offers all the basic features of laptop backpacks within a compact structure.


What to Consider Before Buying a MacBook Pro 15 Backpack

With almost all of our work being shifted on-screen, the demand for laptop bags has escalated quickly, but sadly, not all are manufactured the same. Amidst the number of backpacks with numerous features available right now, picking the right one can be quite overwhelming, but fret no more! The guide below will help you narrow down the options and pick the best macbook pro backpack for you.


Let’s first take a look at the MacBook PRO 15 size and weight:

  • Height: 0.61 inch (1.55 cm)
  • Width: 13.75 inches (34.93 cm)
  • Depth: 9.48 inches (24.07 cm)
  • Weight: 4.02 pounds (1.83 kg)

For more specifications, check out techradar.

It is an obvious fact that the laptop compartment should accommodate your 15 inch macbook snuggly, and by that, we mean that the bag should not be too tight around the edges, that the corners poke out, or too loose that it swings inside as you walk. Also, make sure the bag you choose is lightweight; a bag that is already hefty will get heavier once you pack your things in it, which in the long run gets uncomfortable to carry around, and strains your shoulders. Moreover, if you plan to use this bag solely to carry your laptop, then a sleek bag that holds your 15-inch laptop is adequate, but if you are planning to throw in all the mundane things, you might need to opt for a bigger bag with sections.

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Durability is the key here; your laptop backpack is something you will probably use every day and take everywhere. Your bag should be able to endure all the wear and tear and weight that it carries daily. You need to make sure the fabric used is durable, lightweight, and breathable. Some high-quality materials used for constructing sturdy laptop bags are; canvas, polyester, leather, nylon, etc. Also, keep an eye on bags marked with ‘D’; this is an abbreviated letter for the term Denier, which is used to determine the fibers’ thickness in a fabric. Bags with higher Denier will be able to withstand higher load and abrasion.


With the laptop space aside, it’s always a perk to get extra storage space. It depends mostly on the number of things you carry; think about the things you carry with you frequently, which also need to be kept in your bag.

Spacious, supplementary compartments add to the convenience. Placing your additional equipment like charger, hard-drive, head-phone, mouse, etc., separately will protect your laptop from scratches and bumps and your accessories from the laptop’s weight. Multi-compartments keep your things organized and accessible so that you do not need to rummage through everything to find one thing.


If the bag you carry is not comfortable, you will eventually start carrying your laptop loose where it is prone to get dropped or damaged, which brings us to where we started. To avoid such scenarios, you need to choose a laptop backpack that offers maximum back support, cushioning and is comfortable to carry when loaded or light or when you are traveling with it. Adjustable padded shoulder straps can help you prevent it from slipping off and alter them according to your height, reducing jarring and ensuring comfortable walk and bike rides. On warmer days, a mesh-covered bag helps you sweat less and keeps your back cool and dry. If you prefer traveling with your pack, go for one with additional straps that attach to your luggage securely.


Heavy-duty zippers will keep your laptop and whatever is inside safe; properly closed zippers ensure nothing slips out even when moving the bag around.

While zippers are safe, they alone cannot prevent your precious laptop from being stolen.  To keep it safe, it is beneficial to have a bag with anti-theft features. A few laptop backpacks come integrated with elements like the classic combination locks and lock zippers. Also, some are made up of anti-cut fabric.

While it is important to guard your laptop against theft, it needs to be protected from accidental drops. Look out for a bag that has a well-padded laptop pocket that acts as a cushion when dropped. Lately, bags are imbedded with foam which helps them regain their shape when pressure is applied.

Additional features

Extra elements like USB charging port helps you thread the charger through so that you can charge your phone on the go. A hidden security pocket lets you hide your important cards or keys. When its also checkpoint friendly, it allow the laptop to stay in the bag for TSA scan at the airport for quick passage.

These extra features may be of little use to some, but they are like icing on the cake for others.

Summing Up

It is true; everyone has a different benchmark for what makes a perfect laptop backpack. All the bags we recommend hold a MacBook Pro 15 laptop and stay comfortable to wear for the entire journey. Hope you find your best fit and never buy a laptop bag that is a pain in your back.