Best Bag on Wheels For Teachers Comparison

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Last Updated: November 8, 2021

If you’re a teacher or know a teacher, then you know how many of them wish they had a bag on wheels. Most teachers spend a lot of their working and commuting hours hauling around their teaching supplies from home to work, from one block to the next, from class to class.

In modern times, the educational materials teachers must carry with them may have become encapsulated in one laptop or tablet. Still, those require their own special space to be kept and carried in and can be heavy to carry around by hand. Yes, we realize laptop bags are an option, but throw in the lesson planners, folders, stationery, and other teaching aids, and the things any teacher has to carry with them through sheer necessity simply pile up.

The answer? A bag that carries all that teachers need, on wheels! No more strapping across backs, just a gentle pull, and they’re on their way.

7 Best Bags On Wheels For Teachers Reviewed

1. Everything Mary Deluxe Collapsible Rolling Craft Case

This is a bag that can hold it all. Designed for those who may have to carry a lot of scrapbooking supplies, the Everything Mary Deluxe Collapsible Rolling Craft case makes space for everything.

The room in this bag is sorted into pockets to hold project supplies such as paper, cutters and scissors, glue and markers, etc. These pockets translate into a lot of space, which means teachers can easily park their own supplies into this bag – along with, of course – their own art supplies.

Made with durable polyester, this bag rolls on dual wheels. It features a high-quality locking handle and two side handles, which make carrying it daily easy and simple.

  • Space to store laptop
  • A total of 12 pockets
  • Zipper and Velcro closures on all pockets
  • The telescoping handle may glitch


2. Solo New York Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag

Welcome the Solo New York Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag into your life for organized convenience and quality that lasts.

Three large compartments are perfect for storing a laptop of up to 17″, large notebooks and folders, or loose papers that you need to keep in place. Smaller pockets work for you to place your phone, keys, stationery, and smaller notebooks or books. Zippered pockets ensure that your things are not in just one place, but secure too.

The bag is perfect for travel too, as its wheels roll smoothly across most surfaces. A telescoping handle makes carrying the bag a breeze.

Having a telescoping handle makes the bag perfect to carry it easily. And makes it great for travel too.

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Easy to hide telescoping handle
  • Organized pockets and compartments
  • Lightweight
  • The wheels may not roll evenly across all surfaces


3. Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case

When thinking about the best bags on wheels for teachers, we have to consider Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case. It is a sturdy bag that can withstand a lot of rough handling and is still built to perform.

The bag features a lot of pockets that allow you to store many things in an organized manner. Three main compartments offer the space to store a laptop, clothes, books, and folders, and journals if needed.

Front pockets can hold smaller items such as stationery and small notebooks but can store more things as well. A durable handle allows you to pull it along with you wherever you go and can be zippered out of sight when not in use.

  • Stores up to 15” laptop
  • Durable: made with ballistic fabrics
  • Velcro strap to secure laptop
  • Convenient for traveling
  • Too big for just overnight use


4. Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Case

The Targus Metro Rolling Protective Laptop Case is a great bag on wheels for teachers because it can hold a lot of weight and still remain strong and upright.

The bag’s exterior is made with 1200D polyester material, and its telescopic handle is easy to push and zipper down when not in use. A trolley strap allows this bag to travel well, and a compartment just for an overnight change of clothing, etc., extends its functionality.

The pockets on this bag divide your larger cargo into main compartments and keep smaller items in easy-access pockets too.

  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Waterproof
  • Fits up to 16” laptop
  • Good for everyday use
  • Good for overnight travel
  • Not built for very rough use


5. Alpine Swiss Rolling 17″ Laptop Briefcase

The wheels on this Rolling Briefcase by Alpine Swiss are a dream. Yes, wheels do roll, but the wheels on this bag make it a great candidate for one of best teacher rolling bags.

The bag makes space for everything you will need for your working day and more. The main compartment is organized into a divided folder and padded laptop sleeve for an up-to 17″ laptop. An elastic strap secures your device into place.

Smaller pockets make room for pens and notebooks as well as A4-sized documents.

  • Leatherette finish
  • Durable, hard-side frame
  • Plenty of organized space
  • The front pocket expands by 2 inches
  • Locks may be ‘sticky’ initially


6. Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office

The Perry Ellis Spinner boasts an eight wheels system feature, which simply means it will never get stuck around curves and bends. If moving a lot and very fast is a part of your daily commute or workday, this is a teachers rolling bag to consider.

The bag features secure pockets and compartments, which are both zippered and easy to reach. The front pocket breaks into small mesh pockets, allowing for easy organization of your things.

A padded laptop compartment holds your laptop in place with a security strap.

  • 8-Wheel Spinner System ensures smooth rolling
  • Lightweight bag and telescopic handle
  • Lightweight telescopic handle
  • Durable, ballistic construction
  • Holds up to 13.5” laptop
  • The zipper may be difficult to move


7. Solo Classic Collection 16 Inch Laptop Rolling Catalog Case

Solo Classic lives up to its name with its classic design and construction. The bag opens into accordion-style pockets, which give you the chance to sort your belongings neatly into compartments. We can picture the laptops, study aids, binders, and papers that can be slotted cleanly into these compartments.

This bag on wheels recommended for teachers is hard-sided, ensuring sturdiness, and can hold an up to 16″ laptop. While the laptop compartment is padded to keep your device safe, the case also allows you to lock the compartment to ensure it is always secure. The outside flap features two main pockets and several smaller ones that can hold various smaller objects.

The bag is constructed with Polyvinyl material and is pretty good at bearing the weight of all the things you choose to fill it with while resisting scratches to the surface.

The Solo Classic’s rubber wheels and can roll smoothly over almost all kinds of surfaces with ease. This, of course, will make your life easier as you pull around your case across

  • Classic, professional design
  • Well-constructed locks, handles, and zippers
  • Easy-access front pouch
  • Extra-long handle
  • Padded and lockable laptop sleeve
  • Interior bottom bumpy because of wheel wells


What to consider before buying a bag on wheels for teachers

Mobility & Quality Hardware

This one seems like a given, as our bag on wheels will be mobile. We are talking about the quality of those wheels and the straps and handles that come with the bag. Extendable handles that allow you to pull your bag along without fear of snapping are a must. The handles should also be relatively scratch-resistant. While it is inevitable that your bag’s handles will take a beating from time to time, it is a bonus if they can look polished and new for longer.

Zippers that slide along without sticking, breaking, or rusting are going to save you time and frustration. Do check out the material your zippers are made of and do your research on the best kind of zipper material.

Wheels should ideally be able to roll across almost all surfaces. One of the major points of having a bag in wheels for teachers is for them to have the option to pull and roll along with their many, many things in one place with ease. If the wheels are not compatible with some surfaces or jam in one direction, their purpose becomes completely redundant. That is why teachers mostly prefer rollaboard bags over spinners.

Look for a bag, foremost, with quality hardware and great wheels.

Space & Size

The best bag on wheels for teachers will be a balanced size, carrying everything they need without splitting, bending out of shape, or sagging. Simultaneously, the bag cannot be so big that it is bothersome to pull along with you while commuting or at work.

How big you need the bag to be depends on your daily haul. If you do use digital implements to teach, you will obviously need a laptop or tablet. In this case, your bag has to have room for a laptop. This compartment should ideally be padded or lined to brace your device against falls and bumps and also protect it while on the inside from scratches to its surface.

The bag should be easy to navigate. Your bag’s space should be meaningful, with specific compartments and pockets for the various things you carry, from files or papers to gadgets and small items. However, ease of access to these pockets is key, as is visibility. If you constantly have to root around for stuff in your teacher backpack, it is not doing its job. Go for a bag that allows you to see, find, and extract things instantly.

Durability & Price

One of the things we saw most reviewers talk about was how a bag fares in terms of its longevity vs. the price, and a lot of these reviewers make a point to mention a teacher’s salary.

Your bag should be within the price range you can afford, but check for all the essentials of a durable bag. What material is the exterior made up of? Which material lines the interior? Will the material scratch easily, or can it sustain a lot of rough use? As a teacher, you are going to be often in a hurry, and your bag of teaching implements is sometimes going to be brimming to the top and seams. The materials holding it all together should also be strong enough to not cave under the pressure.

You also may not be able to buy a new bag year on year, so make sure the one you have looks presentable for a long time. The length of that time depends entirely on you, but you are taking this bag to work, it can’t look too shabby.

Lastly, always calculate the value of the price against each one-time use you will get out of your bag. Sometimes, a higher price divides into a much lower cost per use due to the bag’s quality and durability.


Are you more straightforward when it comes to style, or do you perhaps need your accessories to have that something extra that makes them special? The bags we have curated for you above all are pretty classic and work for all places and occasions, but the devil is really in the details here. The zippers, the material used, the shape, and the way pockets are placed make a huge difference to the look of each bag.

The design of each bag also lends itself to its functionality. How well a bag can hold your things without giving in to the volume and losing its shape depends on design. Well-organized pockets and compartments are a giant bonus when it comes to designing a teacher bag on wheels.

And of course, if you will be lugging that bag behind you day in and day out, it should look good and go with your own overall aesthetic.


One of the best bags on wheels for teachers, hands down, is the Everything Mary Rolling Craft Case.

If you’re a teacher who travels nonstop between classes all day, get ready to say goodbye to those flimsy, plastic cube carts, and get set to store laptop, cord, folders, classroom supplies, and activity implements in this sturdy yet lightweight bag.

This is really a bag for crafters, but that makes it the perfect bag for teachers too. It has front pockets that zip up and down, inner compartments to store larger pieces, plus divided interior compartments to sort your supplies in better. Clear interior pouches are handy for storing things you would need right away.

Teachers can use all these pockets for their laptop, folders, and notebooks, as well as stationery and any crafting supplies of their own. There are up to 12 pockets on this bag, and you will never be short on space! The bag rolls on dual wheels and features two side handles and a locking, telescoping handle, which makes it a dream to wheel around. All the pockets on this bag have zipper or Velcro closures, keeping your things in place and very safe.

The bag is easily collapsible, and that means at the end of each school year, you can simply empty it, clean it up – which is easy to do thanks to the external material – and stow it away till you need it next time, without taking up too much space!