Best Backpacks With Lots of Pockets and Compartments

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Last Updated: November 19, 2021

If you carry lots of stuff or are big on organization, then a backpack with lots of pockets should be your best friend. Such backpacks can fit more than your daily essentials. And, they keep your gear safe, clean, and organized.

A backpack with lots of pockets and compartments is also multipurpose. With tons of pockets, these backpacks can be used for traveling, college, work, or other outdoor activities. If you carry any equipment or materials needed for different activities, these multi pocket backpacks should be your pick.

With such a backpack, you also won’t have to unpack and pack constantly. You can simply keep your gear in the designated pockets and not worry about the storage space. They will simply make your travel, packing, and life easy.

Best Multi Compartment Backpack – Top 10 Review

1. Della Gao’s Travel Laptop Backpack

The Della Gao extra-large travel and the anti-theft backpack have dimensions of 12.6x 7.8x 19.6 inches. This backpack has a separate laptop sleeve that can fit most 13 to 17.3-inch laptops/ tablets/ iPads. It comprises of high-quality and durable polyester fabric and nylon lining; this backpack is water, tear, and shock-resistant.

This backpack has many pockets. There are 20 or more independent pockets for storage of both large and small items. Three main compartments are spacious and have hidden pockets where you can carry your valuables like stationery, wallet, or accessories. The backpack also has mesh pocket on either side where you can carry an umbrella or water bottle.

This backpack is also anti-theft due to its mental zippers and combination locks. Thus, you can easily carry essentials like your wallet, IDs, or other private materials in this backpack.

If you are someone who travels long distances, this is the ideal backpack for you. It has a USB charger on its exterior and a charging cable that is built-in on its interior. So, while you are walking or traveling, you can conveniently charge your cell. It also features a reflective night light design that will keep you secure while traveling at night or through a dark area.

This backpack with lots of organization also allows ventilation, air convection, and heat elimination through its breathable and padded mesh back panel and rucksack design. It also has breathable and wide padded shoulder straps that make it easier to carry around for a longer period. Thanks to its lanyard design, you can hang your sunglasses or other smaller items like jewelry on both sides of these straps.

This premium backpack with lots of pockets and compartments is ideal for both men and women. It also makes a great gift for your loved ones.

  • Water-resistant
  • USB charging port
  • Made of high-quality and durable material
  • Keeps your valuables secure with its metal zippers and theft-proof locks
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Zip pockets are a little fragile


2. Volher’s Water Resistant Laptop Business Backpack

The Volher business travel and anti-theft slim laptop backpack is both durable and spacey. It has a separate laptop sleeve in which you can easily hold a 15.6-inch laptop. It can also hold 15, 14, 13 inches MacBook or laptop. This backpack also has a compartment where you can carry your laptop essentials like chargers, plugs, or mouse.

It is durable and water-resistant, made of polyester fabric. It has metal zippers and is a very durable and long-lasting bag. It is truly a multipurpose backpack that you can use for business travel, outdoor activities, college, weekend getaways, and more.

There is a mesh water bottle pocket on both sides. This bag has multi-paneled ventilation that is both thick and soft, making its back design comfortable. It weighs 2.2 pounds with a capacity of 30L.

This multi pocket backpack also has shoulder straps that are both adjustable and breathable. These straps are padded, making it easier for you to carry the backpack for a longer period. The luggage strap can slide right over the suitcase’s upright handle tube. This backpack also keeps your valuables secure with its anti-theft pocket.

It features a built-in USB charging port and a charging cable on its interior, which lets you conveniently charge your phone while traveling or walking. With this backpack, you can also listen to your favorite songs on the go with its headphone jack. It is both functional and safe.

  • Water resistant
  • Comes with headphone jack
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments
  • Available in only one size


3. OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

The Ogio Renegade Reactive Suspension System (RSS) backpack is made of 100% polyester. The suspension system in this backpack makes it very secure to carry a laptop by protecting it from any damages. This bag can easily fit a laptop up to 15 inches. Its padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry long distances. It also features zippered pockets on both sides. There is also a phone pocket that is both easily accessible and expandable.

This backpack weighs 3.5 pounds and has a capacity of 1800 cubic inches. The dimensions of the laptop pocket are 15.5 H x 10.5 W x 1 D inches. This backpack has a lot of pockets for good storage and so is great for college and road trips. Some pockets that this bag has:

  1. Padded camera pocket
  2. Pocket on the sides to hold the water bottle
  3. Tech Vault pocket that is crush-proof
  4. Tablet/ iPad pocket
  • Crush and damage proof because of its reactive suspension system
  • Great to carry your tech vault
  • Durable and high quality with heavy-duty zippers
  • Straps are short


4. Everki Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack

The Everki travel-friendly backpack has a capacity of 32 liters with external dimensions of 13.4 x 9.1 x 18.9 inches. This backpack’s laptop compartment has dimensions of 11.1 x 1.5 x 16.5 inches. The padded laptop sleeve is adjustable to your laptop’s size and can fit a 13 to 17.3-inch laptop.

it comes in 2 sizes: 15.6 and 17.3 inches. This black backpack is checkpoint friendly because it can open up to 180 degrees to pass security checkpoints. The shoulder straps are padded with a 5-point balance system through which weight is evenly distributed throughout the strap, making it very convenient to carry around.

This bag has plenty of pockets. There is also a newspaper or magazine compartment at the front of this backpack. There is an easy-to-access felt-lined top pocket and side pockets that can be used to carry a water bottle or other smaller items. You can also carry your keys, books, tech gadgets, and so much more in this multi pocket backpack. This is a multipurpose bag and can be used for office, travel, or college.

  • Adjustable laptop compartment
  • Very travel friendly
  • 5-point balance system that distributes weight evenly
  • Zippers are heavy duty
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in just one color


5. YOREPEK Extra Large Travel Backpack for Men

The York travel and business college backpack is extra large with dimensions of 14.6 x 10.2 x 19.0 inches and a capacity of 50 liters. It has a padded compartment for up to a 17-inch laptop. It is made of great quality polyester and has a high density shockproof lining of nylon. This heavy-duty bag is also water and tear-resistant.

With its large capacity, you can keep all your belongings and day-to-day essentials very organized. There are 20 pockets available for storage options of large and small items. It also has three main compartments, which have smaller hidden pockets in them to keep stuff like stationery, accessories, notebooks, etc.

The York backpack is also checkpoint friendly since it can move 90 to 180 degrees, making it easier for you to pass the airport security. It is also multipurpose and is great for both indoor and outdoor activities. This backpack is also a perfect gift for people who love to travel.

With this multi compartment backpack, you can also very easily charge your electronic devices on the go. It has a USB port on its exterior with built-in charging cables. It also gives your headphones an easy access to the outside.

It also has a rugged and sturdy handle with steel cables on the top. The compression straps on the sides are adjustable to your required size. This Yorepeck backpack has shoulder straps that are comfortable and wide. These straps can also hold your sunglasses or small accessories.

This backpack also has easy ventilation and air convection and is both practical and convenient.

  • USB charging port
  • Available in 2 sizes and multiple colors
  • Practical and travel friendly
  • Features a luggage sleeve
  • Doesn’t have chest or waist strap


6. The North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack

The North face recon backpack has dimensions of 19.25 x 13 x 7 inches, it has a capacity of 30 liters and is made of nylon. This bag is a classic that is available in many different colors.

This North Face backpack has lot of pockets aimed at keeping your gear organized. It features a front pocket that is stretchable, a main compartment that is very spacious, and a highly protective compartment made for your laptop.

This bag also has multi-use mesh pockets on either side that can be used to carry a water bottle or other belongings. There are also two fleece-lined pockets in its front compartment.

For safety and security, it has a whistle buckle on its sternum strap along with reflective details. It can be used for traveling, school, or commuting.

  • Features a waist belt that is removable
  • Well-designed and sturdy
  • Available in multiple colors
  • It is a classic for outdoor activities
  • Only designed for men and has another version for women


7. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

This multi pocket backpack is durable and water reppelent. It is made of polyester fabric and has metallic zippers. The Matein Travel backpack comes with lots of pockets and space. It has one packing compartment that is spacious and can hold your essentials and tech gadgets. The front sleeve has many pockets in which you can store items like stationery, keys, and wallet. This backpack makes it easier for you to find your items because of its multi pocket design.

It features a laptop compartment that can hold 13 to 15.6 inch laptops. It is slim and can be used everyday as a office, college, or laptop backpack. It also has soft but thick multi-panel ventilation through its airflow back design. The shoulder straps are adjustable, breathable, and padded, which makes it very convenient to carry this bag around.

The backpack can also slide on the upright handle of luggage, making it a very friendly bag to travel with. It also has an anti-theft pocket hidden at the back where you can carry your valuables. With its exterior USB charger and builtin cable you can also easily charge your phone on the go.

  • USB charging port
  • Water-resistant
  • Travel friendly
  • USB port offers easy access but doesn’t power itself
  • No protective paddings


8. Tocode Large Travel Laptop Backpack

The Tocode large travel backpack measures 22H x 12L x 7W inches and has a capacity of 35 liters. It has a separate laptop compartment that protects them from any damage. It can fit a large laptop up to 17″ and also has a charging port.

This bag has many pockets for you to carry and organize all your belongings easily. It has four zipper pockets, two mesh side pockets, a padded laptop or tablet sleeve, two pen holder loops, two small pockets on the inside, and more.

It is high-quality water resistant backpack made of oxford fabric which is sturdy, heavy-duty, and durable. The lining is polyester which keeps your gear safe and dry.

The straps are thick, soft, adjustable and there is also a chest strap.

  • Headphone port and USB charging port
  • Water-resistant and comfortable
  • Stretchable side pocket
  • Multipurpose
  • No quick-access pocket


9. Amazon Basics Laptop Computer Backpack

The Amazon basics backpack has internal dimensions of 12 x 4.5 x 17.5 inches; however, its external dimensions are 13.39 x 7 x 19.29 inches. It has a large padded laptop compartment that can hold up to a 17-inch laptop.

This multi compartment backpack features easy-to-access side pockets for smaller items that you need quick access to. It also has organizational compartments to carry other items like pens, notebooks, etc.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, which makes it comfortable to wear. It is also very affordable and comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Good number of pockets and space
  • A year-long warranty
  • Comfortable straps
  • Available in only one color and size


10. Monsdle Travel Laptop Backpack

The Monsdle travel laptop backpack is made of great quality waterproof nylon fabric with its zipper pockets made of metal. All your gear will stay safe and dry in this waterproof bag. It is durable, long-lasting, and lightweight.

This backpack has a large capacity with two main compartments for storage. Also has a separate laptop compartment which can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop. It has a packing compartment which has three pockets for your daily necessities. There is also a front compartment that has pen and zipper pockets. All in all, this backpack is great to store all your stuff and keep it organized.

This laptop backpack also has a USB charging port and builtin cables. The shoulder straps are adjustable, comfortable, and breathable. It also has a padded top handle. For ventilation, it has a foam-pad back design. This backpack with lots of compartments also has an anti-theft pocket at the lower back of the bag to store your valuable items like wallet, passport, ID, keys, etc.

This laptop backpack can fit on your suitcase’s upright handle. It also has a shockproof belt in its laptop compartment to keep your laptop in place. It can be used for many occasions like work, shopping, business travel, etc.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable, sturdy, and lightweight
  • USB charging port
  • Anti-theft pockets
  • The charging port is not powered itself


Features to Consider in a Backpack With Lot of Pockets


The material determines the durability, quality, and the life of the bag. It is great if a multi pocket backpack is made of a material that is waterproof. Then you can carry all sorts of tech gadgets without worrying about them getting wet.

Backpacks with lots of pockets are usually heavier because of the amount of stuff they hold. Thus, it is important that the material is tear resistant with zipper locks that are durable.

Pockets and Compartments

While you are choosing the best backpack with lots of pockets, the number of pockets it has is the most important factor to consider. The types of pockets and compartments, and the amount of storage and security it offers is essential to know before you make a choice.

Backpacks which offer good organization and also have specific pockets for each sort of item should be your pick. Such backpacks are multipurpose and can be used for more than one occasion. With backpacks that have assigned compartments, it is also very easy to search and access your gear.

If you are planning to carry your laptop, it is also recommended that you get a bag that has a padded laptop compartment for protection to keep your gear safe from damages.

You should also consider if you will be carrying any valuables like wallet, ID, passport in your bag. For such items, many backpacks have have anti-theft pockets. These keep your valuables safe.


A good storage space is important. The size that you pick for your backpack with a lot of pockets will vary depending on the many ways you will use it. If you are a student longing for a backpack you can use for college, you won’t need to carry it for more than just laptop and books. In this case laptop backpacks with 17 to 30 liters capacity would suffice.

But if you are someone who loves adventures and carries a lot of gear for outdoor activities, you should consider a multi compartment bag with capacity of more than 30 liters.


After our research of the best backpacks with lots of pockets, we found that the Della Gao Travel Laptop Backpack is a great pick. It has many compartments and is also durable and high quality. Additional features like a USB charging port make your travel easier amd more enjoyable.

According to the features mentioned above, you can now easily pick your favorite backpack with lots of pockets and use it in different occasions.