Sombre Negra by Yosh

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A dark, smoky cologne, it reminds me of a fine Nicaraguan cigar just before you light it.
- Owen
Right. You're a man. You want to smell awesome. If you're going to spray or splash something on every single day, shouldn't it smell awesome? Now, we don't regularly add new colognes to Owen & Fred, but the moment we smelled Sombre Negra by Yosh, we were sold. We found it at a leading fragrance show in New York City, and we happen to think it's a helluva find. 
So what does it smell like? 
Deep. Smoky. Like a cedar cigar box. A hint of tobacco. Why? It features vetiver and torchwood. Trust us, it smells awesome, and we invested in it because we think you'll love it, too. Sombre Negra - dark shadow - is a high-quality perfume that will easily last through the day, unlike mass-market brands. Isn't it time to try a cologne of this quality?
Crafted in San Francisco, Yosh has been creating perfumes since 1994. We highly suggest you give it a try.

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