Custom Leather Keychain - Brown


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  • Custom Leather Keychain - Brown
  • Custom Leather Keychain - Brown
  • Custom Leather Keychain - Brown

Your name is awesome. Stamp it on your keychain.

                                                                - Owen
You fumble for your keys. Your keychain -- you can spot it a mile away with your Hello Kitty figurine. Why not make it a bit more personal and into the 2010s, with a super cool customized key chain, with your name on it. Whether you're a Smith, Stein, or Strombolopolous, we'll put it together for you. Customized within a few days, this leather, customized keychain tag features a stainless steel cable and clasp. Durable, the keychain softens with use and lies nicely flat in your pocket.
How do you add your customization details? Add the product to your cart. In your cart, there there is box where you can write in your customization details.
Turn around time for production is about ten days.
What are you waiting for, Stampelkowskie!
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designed and made in the usa gifts

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