Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle


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  • Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle
  • Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle
  • Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle
  • Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle

The wood used in this razor handle is reclaimed from timber found at the bottom of a Louisiana river. Amazing. - Fred

Introducing our Reclaimed Wood Razor handles. First, this razor handle is crafted from wood -- but not just any ordinary wood. The Cypress wood used for this gorgeous razor handle slept at the bottom of a Louisiana river for more than 100 years. You see, back in the 1800s loggers would move timber to the mill by floating it downriver. Most of the timber made it. Some of it did not, and sank to the bottom of the river until it was reclaimed. It's gorgeous. Minerals in the water changed its complexion to have a slight green hew. 

The handle is made in Massachusetts for Owen & Fred. It weighs about 1oz, so it's perfectly weighted. 

It fits the standard Mach 3 razor blade and comes in a hand-stamped muslin bag. It does not look like it was created for a space mission. As close a shave as you can get, and an upgrade from the plastic tools you're using now.

Very stylish. 


Made in the USA. 



designed and made in the usa gifts

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