Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks


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  • Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks
  • Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks

It's proper to have at least one good pair of cufflinks for special occasions.  However, some of us still like to add a bit of personality to our wardrobe.  With all the typical looking silver cufflinks out there, it's better to stand out with these handmade Buffalo Nickel cufflinks.  Bring a vintage style to any dress shirt with real buffalo nickels epoxied to silver plated cufflink posts.  You'll feel as if you're part of a different era wearing something that literally is.  They're a conversation piece that any fan of the past will surely be impressed by.  So feel free to show them off while others hide their drab wrists under the table.

One piece features a buffalo and the other the Native American profile. Unconditionally guaranteed, you can put a piece of Americana right on your cuffed dress shirt. Buy a set.

designed and made in the usa gifts

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